Update on Service Learning at LHCS
Monday, January 17, 2011 6:15 AM


What is service learning? Service-Learning is a form of experiential learning whereby students apply content knowledge, critical thinking and good judgment to address genuine community needs. The National Council for Middle School strongly supports service learning for students. At LHCS, housing is the service learning theme, with a global focus on Haiti and a local focus of homelessness in Minneapolis.


In November, staff from the American Refugee Committee (ARC) gave a presentation to inform students about the impact the earthquake has had on Haiti. In a reflection activity, students generated over a hundred different questions about Haiti such as, “Will everyone eventually get a home?” and “What kinds of games do kids play in Haiti?” Look for events throughout the year to address student questions. Kathy Roberts organized a coin drive on the anniversary of the earthquake. Thank you for your contributions! The funds will be given to ARC for transitional housing in Haiti. There will be a number of events this year to raise student knowledge about Haiti and funds for transitional housing in Haiti. Look for news about the LHCS service learning work on homelessness in Minneapolis in next week’s Connection.

Questions? Please contact Maree Hampton at mmhampton@earthlink.net.