Unit2 LinearFuncs

You can find all class notes and handouts on Unit 2 Linear Functions here.

PDF Functions Day1   --  Day 2.1 what is a function (definition, vertical line test)
PDF Function Day1 HO1   --  Day 2.1 multiplication facts 1
PDF Functions Day1 HO2   --  Day 2.1 handout on identifying functions
PDF Functions Day3   --  Day 2.3 using function notation and creating graphs
PDF Functions Day3 HO   --  Day 2.3 handout on LT practice
PDF Functions Day4   --  Day 2.4 arithmetic sequences
PDF Functions Day5   --  Day 2.5 LTA on basics then use sequences to solve pattern problems
PDF Functions Day5 HO1   --  Day 2.5 handout on 2 sequence problems
PDF Functions Day 5 HO2   --  Day 2.5 investigating patterns with sequences
PDF Functions Day7 HO   --  Day 2.7 handout on reading slope from graph
PDF Functions Day8 HO   --  Day 2.8 handout on slope intercept form
PDF Function Day8 HO   --  Day 2.9 handout for graphing y = mx+b form
PDF Functions Day10   --  Day 2.10 create linear equation from a point and the slope
PDF Functions Day10 HO   --  Day 2.10 handout with class problems
PDF Functions Day10 HO2   --  Day 2.10 handout on creating eqns from y-intercept and 1 point
PDF Functions day11 HO1   --  Day 2.11 - practice learning target assessment (in class)
PDF Functions day2.11 HO2   --  Day 2.11 - classwork create eqn and graph from y-intercept and 2 points
PDF Functions Nov9   --  Nov 9 - LTA on linear functions then work on matching representations (linear vs nonlinear)
PDF Functions Nov9 HO   --  Nov 9 - handout on sorting linear vs non-linear functions
PDF Functions Nov16a   --  Nov 16 classwork sheet (a) on order of operations
PDF Functions Nov16b   --  Nov 16 classwork (b) statistics review
PDF Functions Nov16c   --  Nov 16 classwork © on miscall review