Unit2 Inequalities

You can find all class notes and handouts on Unit 2 Inequalities here.

PDF Ineq Day1   --  Da 2.1 parallel line relationships
PDF Ineq Day1 HO   --  Day 2.1 handout for parallel line investigation
PDF Ineq Day2   --  Day 2.2 perpendicular lines
PDF Ineq Day2 HO   --  Day 2.2 handout for perp lines
PDF Ineq Day3   --  Day 2.3 using slopes to identify geometric figures
PDF Ineq Day3 HO   --  Day 2.3 handout on geometric figures
PDF Ineq Day4   --  Day 2.4 Using graphs to find solutions of 2 equations
PDF Ineq Day4 HO   --  Day 2.4 - handout for solving systems using graphing
PDF Ineq Day5   --  Day 2.5 - using graphs to find pts of intersection
PDF Ineq Day6   --  Day 2.6 working on finding pts of intersection with graphs/calculator
PDF Ineq Day6 HO   --  Day 2.6 handout on classwork with graphing
PDF Ineq Day7   --  Day 2.7 Substitution method to solve systems
PDF Ineq Day8   --  Day 2.8 - LTA on parallel & perp lines and graphing solutions then continue working on Substitution method
PDF Ineq Day8 CW   --  Day 2.8 classwork on using Substitution
PDF Ineq Day9   --  Day 2.9 solving word problems with Substitution method
PDF Ineq Day9 HO   --  Day 2.9 class problems applying Substitution
PDF Ineq Day10   --  Day 2.10 - Using the Elimination method, part 1
PDF Ineq Day11   --  Day 2.11 solve system of equations using Elimination method
PDF Ineq Day12   --  Day 2.12 complex elimination situation and classwork
PDF Ineq Day12 HO   --  Day 2.12 handout problems
PDF Ineq Day13   --  Day 2.13 Solving systems, all methods
PDF Ineq Day13 HO   --  Day 2.13 classwork problems on solving systems of eqns
PDF Ineq Day14   --  Day 2.14 1-dimensional inequalities
PDF Ineq Day14 HO   --  Day 2.14 handout on 1-dim inequalities
PDF Ineq Day15   --  Day 2.15 - graphing 2-dim inequalities (boundary line & feasible region)
PDF Ineq Day15 HO   --  Day 2.15 handout on 2-dim inequalities
PDF Ineq Day16   --  Day 2.16 - determine inequality from graph
PDF Ineq Day16 HO   --  Day 2.16 handout on graphing inequalities
PDF Ineq Day17   --  Day 2.17 - graphing systems of inequalities
PDF Ineq Day17 HO   --  Day 2.17 handout graphing multiple inequalities
PDF Ineq Day18   --  Day 2.18 writhing inequalities from situations
PDF Ineq Day18 HO   --  Day 2.18 handout on writing multiple inequalities
PDF Ineq Day19   --  Day 2.19 Using inequalities in a search and rescue (find Harold)
PDF Ineq Day19 HO   --  Day 2.19 Harold search problem
PDF Ineq Day21   --  Day 2.21 - Hats and Scarves optimization
PDF Ineq Day21 HO   --  Day 2.21 handout on Hats & Scarves problem
PDF Ineq Day23   --  Day 2.23 - Group work on BNSF project
PDF Ineq Day23 HO   --  Day 2.23 handout on BNSF project (unit project assessment)
PDF Ineq Day24   --  Day 2.24 BNSF project, day 2
PDF Ineq Day25   --  Day 2.25 Review for unit test