ELA & SS -Ms. Krawetz

Updated: Mon. March 11, 2019
Q3: ELA and SS Assignments, Project & Homework 

1)  Q4 - List #4: Spelling Vocabulary List  --> Click here for list!   -Test Tues. March 26

2) NEW Magazine Project: Click to View -->Format and Write Articles #2 & Article #3 <--Click to View  

Remember: Article #2 and Article #3 take place in the same decade as Article #1.  

  • NEW --> Article #2:   *Due Fri. March 15, Article #2 on Google Drive *Please share article w/debra.krawetz@mpls.k12.mn.us
  • NEW --> Article #3    *Due Fri. March 22, Article #3 on Google Drive  *Please share article w/debra.krawetz@mpls.k12.mn.us
  • Past Due:  Last week handwritten notes for Article #2 were due Wed. March 6, and notes  for Article #3 were due Fri. March 8. If your notes are not completed, please finish 2-3 pages for each article "before" beginning Articles #2 and #3. -Please see me to get checked off. Thank you. :-)

3)   NEW:  Q3 Book Reflection and Reading Log <--Click here    Book #3, Student Choice Fiction:  Due. Wed. March 27 and Reading Log List Due Wed. March 27.

     *Past Due:  Book #1, Biography: Due Wed. Feb. 1  and   Book #2, Graphic Novel: Due Wed. March 6

Social Studies Quarterly Projects

  • Q1:  Mesoamerica Trifold  *Project completed
  • Q2:  Service Learning Project. *Project completed
  • Q3:  Biz Town Career Portfolio 
  • Q4:  Magazine Project -We'll have an Open House the last week of school. -Due the last week of May.