English Language Arts

Updated 9/26 *5th Grade Library Day w/Gretchen & crew is Wed. at 10:05 am. 



The week of Sept. 5, ELA the students took a Pre-Assessment test that accompanies our new district-wide reading curriculum, "Benchmark." This assessment will provide a snapshot of where students' reading skills are "right now" as we begin a new school year.  Our new curriculum includes a weekly 10-question assessment to track skills we've been practicing each week. This student data will guide lessons and help facilitate small group instruction. We will share this information with you at Fall Conferences.

As we embark teaching this new reading program, we will make adjustments as necessary to meet the needs of our students. Our curriculum will also include class novels, independent reading, and integrated E.L.A. & S.S. research projects.

Students should bring their ELA & SS binder, an agenda book, journal and independent reading book to class daily!  I look forward to an awesome year in E.L.A. class. Please let me know if you have any questions.  

 --Ms. Krawetz


Q1 English Language Arts Learning Targets:   

  1. I can choose a good book for independent reading.      
  2. I can build good listening habits.    
  3. I can understand the author's purpose, to persuade and to inform.    
  4. I can use a K-W-L chart.