Geometry textbook
Discovering Geometry Textbook

We are using the Discovering Geometry (4th Edition) textbook this year. Students have received their copies of the textbook. 

Also, all students can access an electronic copy of the textbook from the publisher's web site if they like. Each student has an account set up on the Flourishkh website ( under their personal username (each student's username is their MPS District login name in the form "abcd1234"). A link to the sign-in page is provided below.

Flourish sign-in Click on this link to go to the textbook site. Enter your username and password in the boxes at the top right of the screen.

Password: The common password for this site is lhcsgeometry

PIN: The common PIN for this site is 55411. You must include this number to access the textbook.

If you forget your username please send me an email or talk to me in class.