Middle Grades’ Retreats
Monday, October 02, 2006 8:05 PM

All three middle grades recently had team and relationship-building retreats.  Curious about what students do at the retreats?   The following summary was written by some of our sixth grade students:

Last week the sixth graders went on a retreat to Camp Ihduhapi.  First we all got into a circle and played a game called Metamorphosis.  It was a game where you morphed into an egg, chicken, dinosaur and finally a super-cool human being.  Then we played field games.  After lunch we climbed.  Some people did cable walks and trustwalks; others did a climbing wall. Still others did a ropes course. Most of us had a great time on that cold and miserable day.  Submitted by Sophie Breen, Malia Svoboda, Hallie Burns, Cassie Brink, Kali Place, Anika Hager, and Josie Fritsch.

On Sept.19th, the seventh graders participated in the Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat.  Youth Frontiers’ goal is to help students examine their fears and commit themselves to “acting with courage” in the different areas of their lives.  Here is a description of the day. 

We danced for fun. We played a game with balloons.  The goal was to get the balloons to the finish line.  No one person could do it alone; it was done as a team.  Each team member helped.  Another activity was as we were sitting, a team leader would call out something and if it applied to us, we were to stand up and move our bodies in a weird way.  It helped us not to think about what others thought of us and to be comfortable with ourselves. Submitted by Ian McGillivary, Darby Reader and Lea Bart.

On Sept. 22nd, the eighth graders went to Camp St. Croix, where everyone participated in leadership and team challenges.  The following comments are from some of our eighth graders:

Camp St. Croix was really fun! I got a chance to work as a team with other people than my friends.  A really fun thing that we did is we climbed a telephone pole and tried to stand on top.  Of course, we had a harness on; it was fun and challenging.  I was really lucky to go to Camp St. Croix. -- Freyja Hafner 

I loved the small group activities.  It really made us trust each other. -- Vicki Peters

It was raining in the morning and all the rest of the day, but we got to go on the ropes course.  We had fun, despite waking up at 6:00 a.m. and a two hour bus trip there and back. -- Karen Opdahl

I loved how well our team worked together.  We all pushed each other to swing as high as we
could. -- Anna Kay 

It was so much fun because I didn’t think I could make it on the tightrope walk, but I got up there and it was amazing!  -- Chris Knutson

At Camp St. Croix I enjoyed the enchanted forest where it challenged us to use teamwork to
succeed. -- Steve Bodger

Once again we thank the PTA for their generosity in subsidizing these retreats. We also want to thank our middle grades staff for their extra time and support of these retreats.