Oct. 15-16

During this short week we'll continue our string art. You have this week and next Monday to complete the 2 projects. If you have been working very diligently but have not completed the second project you will not be penalized. 

Oct. 8-12

This week we are continuing math string art. The projects are coming along beautifully! 

Ready for the next string project? You will need to know some things about coordinate planes and plotting ordered pairs. To prepare:

Watch this 7 minute video OR this set of very short videos: 1, 2, 3, 4

Complete this practice and this practice

Then, decide if you want to work on design one or design two and you'll get to work using the 4 quadrant coordinate grid. 

Oct. 1-5

Math art! We will be working on a string project that I direct which incorporates both math and art. After that, students will design their own math/string art project. 

Sept. 24-28 

Miniature miniature golf, continued. 

Sept 17-21

Putt putt! This week we will be designing miniature miniature (get it?) golf holes for younger students to enjoy playing. I'm excited! 

Sept. 10-14

It's trampoline week! Students will be building miniature trampolines and thinking about the physics behind how trampolines work. 

Sept. 4-7

This week we will be studying boats--what are the scientific principles that makes them float? The challenge will be to build a boat that does not sink, using limited materials.