Week 2

Tuesday, September 4

ANNOUNCE:     ABC Test is on Friday, September 7

Q & A:                 Hi, name, condition, spell name, bye

Pairs:                  Say alphabet to partner, alternate letters

Read:                  ABC Book, spell new words together

Practice:              How to use a Spanish/English Dictionary

Discuss:              In Spanish, nouns are feminine (la cabeza) or masculine (el pie)

Song:                   El Abecedario

Wednesday, September 5

Practice:                ABCs, Vowels (ma, me, mi, mo, mu)

Songs:                   La Marcha, El Abecedario

Pairs:                     Abecedario, part A- Read the ABCs to your partner

Listening:               Abecedario, part C- write the letter that you hear

Game:                     ABC Chain

Notes:                     Draw & Label body parts (head only)

Thursday, September 6

Check out textbooks in the Media Center (study while you wait)

Reminder:            ABC Test is on Friday, September 7

Songs:                   LOTS!

Game:                   ABC- Around the World

Videos:                  Basho y La Marcha

Friday, September 7

TEST:                      ABCs

Classwork:         Work with the partners at your table to complete the following:

                             1) Seasons, Days, Months Wordsearch

2) Mi Cuerpo Worksheet- Definitions & Wordsearch

3) Draw and label the remaining body parts on your poster

Homework:      Finish above classwork

                                    DUE:  Monday, September 11