Week 5

Monday, September 25

REMINDER:  Students who were absent on Friday, September 22 must make up a classwork activity during recess either Monday or Tuesday

DUE:               No me gustan las hamburguesas (if you were absent on Friday)

Classwork:      1)  Gustar Stations

                        -Use the flashcards/props as speaking/writing prompts

                        -Practice ideas orally and write 1 long sentnence (10 total)

                        Ex. ¿Qué te gusta hacer en el invierno?

                        2)  Gustar Skit

                        -Read description, review rubric, begin writing skit


Tuesday, September 26

Handout:          Year 1 Review

Notes:              2 more skit requirements:

1)         Writer must use 5 of the 6 indirect object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os, les)

2)         Keep a list of the intransitive verbs that you use (#1-20)

Classwork:      Work on Gustar Skit

Homework:     Read your lines of dialogue until it is memorized

                         Underline all uses of verbs like gustar (pronoun & verb)

           PRESENT:  Thursday, September 28            

Wednesday, September 27


Classwork:      Work on Gustar Skit


                          *Underline gustar-like verbs (pronoun included)

                          *Add underlined verbs to a separate Verb List

            *Double check requirements

                     *Include 9-10 verbs like gustar

                     *Include 5 different uses of the indirect object pronoun

                     *Include 10 lines of dialogue/person

Homework:     Read your lines of dialogue until it is memorized

                        Underline all uses of verbs like gustar, add them to a separate list

          PRESENT:  Thursday, September 28            

Thursday, September 28

Tables:             1) Read two mini-paragraphs and complete/discuss comprehension check

                         2) Justin Bieber- highlight verbs like “gustar”, write a BIG run-on sentence

                               (A Justin le…)

                         3) Trade dialogues with another group

 -Act out, other group helps with sentence prompt if necessary, peer edit

Friday, September 29

DUE:               10 Station Sentences (from Monday, Sept. 25)

Present:           Gustar Skits

Classwork:      Write 3 summary sentences per skit about the characters (dis)likes

Homework:     Scavenger Hunt (w/ parent)               


          DUE:  Monday, October 2

document Gustar Skit   --  Final Assessment for Gustar-like Verbs
document Rubric Gustar Skit   --  Please review for scoring (40 points)
document Scavenger Hunt   --  Please complete with a parent