Week 4

Monday, September 18

Song:               La Canción de Gustar (normal)

Review:           Seasons, Months, Weather

Q & A:             P. 7 #3

                        Ex. ¿Qué te gusta hacer en el invierno?

Group:             ¿A quién le gusta… en el invierno?

Handout:          Gustar Cheat Sheet (~map)

Classwork:      Communicative Activity 1A-1(+)

                        Be a reporter!!!  Ask, answer, write your findings (1st, 2nd, 3rd person)

                        TURN IN

Read:               Justin Bieber

Homework:     Double check Comm. Act. 1A-1 sentences if necessary

                        Respond to #1-11 from the Justin Bieber article

                        DUE:  Tuesday, September 19

Tuesday, September 19

Songs:              Plátanos y Manzanas

Game:              Family Feud- Be the first to translate the sentence similar to “gustar”

Review:           What follows “gusta” & “gustan”?

Tables:             Decode questions from “Encuesta de Gustos”

                        Fill in the remaining 12 blanks with a new question

Classwork:      Interview 1 partner using “Encuesta” questions (30 in total)

                        Record your partner’s answers/details/extra info in each box

Homework:     Read No me gustan hambutguesas

                        Finish 12 questions to add to survey (if necessary)

                        Write a response to Jaime sharing the same personal information

          DUE:  Wednesday, September 20  

Wednesday, September 20

Handout:          1 more “cheat sheet” for gustar- read silently

                        (A mí) Me gusta (n)     (A nosotros) Nos gusta (n)

          (A ti)    Te gusta (n)      (A vosotros) Os gusta (n)

          (A Ud.) Le gusta (n)      (A Uds.) Les gusta (n)

          (A él)    Le gusta (n)     (A ellos) Les gusta (n)

Songs:              La Canción de Gustar (substitute “molesta” for “gusta”)

Game:              Cadena de Gustar (y verbos similares)

Writing:           Write 10 new survey questions (back of La Canción de Gustar)

Classwork:      Find a person who can respond positively to each question

                        Use grit & persistence!

                        Write 5 findings & show Ms. Sparks for POINTS

Listening:         Silvena Moreno- try to get the gist


                        -listen 3 times without watching

                        -listen twice while watching

                        -read transcript to your partner twice

Group:             Does it get any easier through repetition, viewing speaker or reading?  YES!!:)


Thursday, September 21

Song:               Mambo (plus Youtube video)

Q & A:             ¿Qué te gusta hacer?  ¿Qué no te gusta hacer?

Group:             ¿Qué le gusta hacer a tu amigo/a?  ¿Qué le gusta hacer a Silvia Moreno?

Listening:         Complete Silvina Moreno Activity


                        -listen   -watch  -read transcript  -read to your partner

Tables:             Using Silvina’s transcript as your model, create your own paragraph

                        Read/Share with class

Group:             Read/Role-play No me gustan hamburguesas

Homework::    No me gustan hamburguesas

          Complete the 3 activities on the back side

           DUE:  Friday, September 22 


Friday, September 22

DUE:                No me gustan las hamburguesas

Classwork:      FINISH Interviewing 1 partner using “Encuesta” questions (30 in total)

          Record your partner’s answers/details/extra info in each box

          Write 10 findings on the back- include those that include the most detail

Homework:     Finish any remaining classwork

                        DUE:  Monday, September 25           


document Encuesta de Gustos   --  Decode questions. Create 12 of your own questions to add to the remaining spaces.
PDF No me gustan hamburguesas   --  Read. 1) Answer questions pertaining to the dialogue. 2) Respond to personal questions (Vd. = Ud.). 3) Word Search.
PDF Gustar Cheat Sheet   --  Read
PDF Silvina Moreno   --  Listen. Watch. Read. Create your own story.