Week 4

Week 4                                               7thGrade

September 17-21. 2018


Monday, September 17- Pep Rally from 3:45-4:10


Group:            Practice Skit Requirements

                        (greet, name, age, birthday, origin, condition, nice to meet, bye)

Read:              Pages 2 & 4

Practice:         Page 3, activities 1, 2, 3

                        Page 5, activities 4, 5, 6


Tuesday, September 18

Classwork:     Practice and perfect your skits

                        Pay attention to punctuation (¿?), accents, spelling, requirements

                        Rehearse with your partner, and other partners too

Wednesday, September 19

Present:          Intro Skits

Classwork:     Keep track of 3 details per student

                        If you miss the detail, ask them in Spainsh! 

Thursday, September 20

Present:         Finish Intro Skits

TURN IN:       Notas- Diálogo 1

Song:               Saludos y Despedidas

Notes:             Translate the conversation from Saludos y Despedidas


Practice:         Sing the conversation, similar yet different from your own skits!