Week of 09/05

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It was my pleasure to meet your children last week. I did a couple of pre-assessments to figure out what they know, and where to start. This week in math 7/8 we will be studying circumference, areas of circles, and the surface area of cylinders. In Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra we will be working on the five representations of linear functions.  The syllabus is available on my website. I use the flipped classroom approach, where students watch videos and take notes at home, and do the practice in class. This will allow us to have more time to do activities that will help the students understand the concepts. Monday through Thursday they will watch videos, fill notes, and answer three questions (MCA, ACT, and review questions). The students will have time the next day to discuss the answers in class. Every Friday they will have six to eight cumulative questions on everything they have learned to that point. Every student will be graded for his or her effort every week. We celebrate independent learners every two weeks. Independent learners are students hat turn in all their homework in on time, turn in all their classwork on time, and re-take any quizzes in which they receive a grade less than a B.

If you have any questions you can contact me by e-mail.

Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail