What's Happening in Room A201
May 17, 2017
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:00 AM


Important dates coming up:

Tonight:  3rd grade concert and art display.

3rd Grade Performance Night, Wednesday, May 17th  at Lower
6:15 to 6:30 Art Exhibits available for viewing in the Commons Area 
6:30 to 7:00 Musical Performance in the Gym 
 (Dance group 6:30-6:40, music performance 6:40-7:00) 
7:00 to 7:30 Art Exhibits available for viewing in Commons Area 

  Mill City Museum field trip this Friday, May 19.  Please use a disposible bag for your lunch and mark it with your name.  Chaperones will meet us at the museum at 11:00 and should bring a lunch.  Everyone should wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather.  We finish at 2:45.

Monday, May 22  (pm) We'll take the final standardized assessment on the computer, the Bridge test in math and reading.

Friday, May 26 is Field Day.  Dress for the weather, wear tennis shoes, have a water bottle,  Please apply sun protection before leaving for school.  Thanks!

Our final word sort list is this week.  Test on Thursday.  No vocab list due to the short week and extra events (Art Adventure and Junior Achievement).  We'll squeeze in a vocab list next week.

We are still working hard on long division, finding the mean, median and mode of a data set, writing persuasive letters, reading chapter books, and deciphering a map of the Grand Canyon.  Coming soon:  economics lessons and an engineering unit! 

May 2
Tuesday, May 02, 2017 3:40 PM

We have earned another celebration!  The students voted to have a DEAR time tomorrow afternoon so please send in books from home and a small blanket, sleeping bag or pillow.

Lots of fun activities this week as we also enjoy art adventure (prior to DEAR), a Junior Achievement lesson and our STEAM Day classes.  Wow!  Thanks to all of the parents who are making these special events possible.

Today there should be several important papers in the blue folder:  a field trip permission note due by Friday, a flier regarding ordering next year's school supplies, this week's vocab list (struct-) and results of last week's math timing and vocab quiz.

We do already have chaperones in place for the Mill City trip (Jennifer C., Joel I., Dawn I., Stacy W., and Bridget K.).  Chaperones will meet us at the museum at 11:00 and should bring a lunch, wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather.  We finish at 2:45.

This week's map features different sized communities in Illinois.  Our math includes 2 step word problems (mixing multipliction, subtraction, addition, elapsed time, money, measurement, fractions and other 3rd grade skills) as well as perimeter/area challenges and multiplication of larger numbers.  We will soon be attempting division with remainders and long division, so knowledge of those multiplication facts is critical.

The next two weeks we will be able to have spelling / word sort again, so watch for the list once more on Monday.  

April 26
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 5:15 PM

A quick reminder to check the blue folders:  The STEAM Day student preference sign-up went home today and is due back this Friday, 4/28.  Vocabulary words went home Monday- all students are on the same list (rupt-).  Weekly math timings continue and it is exciting when students have really been practicing at home nightly.  Thanks for carving out 10 minutes or so each evening to drill and encourage.  Mastery of multiplication facts allows your child to handle the more complex math problems in class without trauma. 

Also Friday:   All classes needed more time to complete the MCA math test.  We worked really hard this morning and will finish on Friday afternoon.  (4/28)  Please add this to your calendar.  The students will be excited about that evening's carnival but they need to stay focused and do their best.

in literacy we are now reading about national parks.  Feel free to talk about the topic at home!  Get out an atlas and look up parks family members have visited, parks you've heard about that remain on your bucket list, and parks that may be near future trip destinations.

We are also writing some poetry and reading lots of books by author Patricia Polacco, which we will compare shortly.

Last week's map featured baseball teams across the country, while this week's topic is produce raised in Florida.  We have a bit of time at the very beginning of each day to complete these, but your child should take theirs home and return it on Friday if needed.

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