What's Happening in Room A201
Sept. 18
Monday, September 17, 2018 8:35 PM

Dear Families, 

We are excited about the Fun Run coming up and hope you've had time to consider who you might ask to sponsor your child in this year's event!  The PTA covers the cost of our River Rendezvous field trip as well as a spring dulcimer building experience that is always a hit.  In addition they contribute funds so we can purchase special supplies for our classrooms for projects, books that will enhance our curriculum and much more.  In other words, they do a lot for the students with the money that is raised.  Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!

Our class has already earned a wacky hair day due to the pledges they have collected.    On Wednesday, Sept. 19  we will come with crazy hair.  Join the fun! 

Just in:  Our class will have  a pajama day on Thursday, Sept. 20.  We've also had enough pledges collected for us to bring our stuffed animals Thursday!

Please remember we have  our River Rendezvous field trip this Friday, Sept. 21.  This is an annual living history festival of reenactments that authentically portray 19th century history and culture.  In preparation we've enjoyed Ojibwa and Dakota legends and non-fiction, asked questions about the fur trade business and read about George Bonga, the first African American born in Minnesota.  (He was also a well-known fur trader fluent in the Ojibwa language!)

Students should bring a bag lunch marked with their name.  We prefer disposable lunch bags as opposed to lunch boxes.  Thanks!  Students should wear tennis shoes and expect to find muddy trails between many of the stations.  Old clothes and light layers are a must.  Dress for the weather:  sunscreen, sunglasses and baseball caps and/or raincoats, sweatshirts, etc. We will be outside ALL DAY rain or shine.  Many stations have tents over the hay bales (seating).  Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and will be responsible for keeping track of it.

I look forward to meeting you again on Tuesday, Sept. 25 for our Curriculum Night.  Come and get your questions about third grade answered in A201!

We are entering week 2 of the month-long moon observation journal project.  Today's dark skies gave us a chance to do an activity I call "moon on a stick."  Ask your child to describe what they saw when they were the Earth with the moon orbiting around them, illuminated only by the light bulb sun.  (The answer should refer to moon phases.). Thanks for being so diligent about checking on the moon each night!

During literacy block this week we'll each be writing a constellation story.  Hopefully these will be revised, edited and on display when you come in October for conferences.  We have great imaginations!  For inspiration, I've been sharing similar stories written by the Greeks, various Native American groups, and cultures from the Phillipines to Guatemala.

Ask your child to sketch and name some of the polygons we've studied.  Then ask them to compare and contrast 2 of the shapes.  What do they have in common?  What is different? Suggest using some of the math terms from their math notebook.  This is a great way to review for our unit assessment on Tuesday of next week.  You might also look for examples of perpendicular lines around your home!  Our big focus this week has been perimeter, particularly finding the distance around shapes where not all of the line segments are labeled with a distance.  Not to worry, we are super detectives and have strategies in place to figure this out!

As you have noticed, our vocabulary quiz this week will be over the -graph words.  Both the vocabulary and math timed facts test will be on Thursday due to the Friday trip.  We got to celebrate a LOT of our classmates for making great progress on the math timing this past week!

Monday, September 10, 2018 2:20 PM

Dear Families,

Please e-mail me (dawn.porter@mpls.k12.mn.us)  if your child will need a bag lunch from school for our field trip River Rendezvous.  I need to send in the order this Thursday, Sept. 13 for our 
Sept.21 trip.

Have you looked for the moon?  Check your child's blue folder for the newest homework assignment.  Your child will need to use a computer (google "moon phases") whenever the moon/weather does not cooperate.

Other homework:  Please check my link to "Homework" for details on practicing math addition facts, reading, and reviewing vocabulary each night.  Note regarding Greek/Latin roots:  We have 2 new lists followed by a review week and then the cycle repeats with two more newlists .  I encourage you to look over the weekly quiz results and use them in your review practice.  

Wednesday Ms. Heider will begin lessons on finding the perimeter of a polygon.  Our station on elapsed time is now focused on practicing reading thermometers.  Reading temperatures below zero was today's learning target.  The students did a lot of hands -on measuring with both rulers and meter sticks earlier this week.  We are working on when to use centimeters, when to stick with meters, and when to measure with kilometers.  Feel free to reinforce this learning at home!

Are you ready for this year's fun run?  The Dragon Dash is coming soon!  

Lake Harriet GOALS


100% of families get pledges from sponsors  +  5 pledges per student + 

$90,000 School Profit for Field trips, Extracurricular Activities, Technology, Teacher Grants.



The easiest way to help us reach our goals is through our easy SHARE feature on funrun.com

  • Make a Student Star video to share with Facebook Friends
  • Copy and paste the email template and then send to family, friends, and local businesses
  • Go to funrun.com from your mobile device, click share, and send texts to friends and family





Thank you again for your support, 





9/5/2018 Better late than never?
Tuesday, September 04, 2018 9:40 PM

It's already Wednesday!  Time for a look back and a sneak peek forward.

Each morning we look forward to getting to know 3 classmates better through their ME boxes.  We notice things we have in common and think of questions we could ask to get to know more about that student.  Sometimes this is followed by silly handshakes, starting with those we don't know as well, in the hopes of building a community where we feel comfortable with each other.

During math we usually have 3 stations.  At one we are working with elapsed time (how much time passes between two given times, or determining a time given a start or end time and how  much time has elapsed).  At another station we learn names of polygons and their attributes (right angles, sides of equal length- adjacent?  opposite sides?, sets of parellel sides, lines of symmetry, number of vertices).  Our third station changes frequently:  learning activities, worksheets, games to build fact fluency, Dreambox coming soon.  Ask your child to describe the poygon they created for the Polygon Tree.

Our literacy block has included reading traditional Native American legends as well as student selected fiction and nonfiction.  We've used these texts to notice the author's purpose (to entertain, to inform, to persuade) and to look for a message conveyed by the author. We are exploring informational texts about the Ojibwa, Dakota and the fur trade. As we create KWL charts about the sun, moon and stars, the space books are starting to see a lot of use as well.  Ask you child what they Know, Want to know, and are Learning from reading informational texts.  I continue to assess students individually on both fluency and comprehension.  We expect to begin reading groups the week of Sept.24.  Prior to that time students will be using the literacy block to develop other habits of strong readers:  making connections between texts, questioning, and using evidence to make predictions.  We'll also write constellation stories before dividing the class into groups.

The study of our sun and shadows started with an opportunity to trace our shadows outdoors at three different times of the day.  The students observed that the sun appeared to travel across the sky during the day, causing our shadows to change direction.  Using compasses was a hit!

Thanks to the following parents who have offered to join us on the River Rendezvous field trip as chaperones:  Heather Johnson, Dana Hofmann, Sarah Cusick, and Brandon Hansen.

A shout out to everyone for getting all of that parent homework back to school!  The green sheet asking 4 questions is not due until the end of the month.   :)

On a personal note:  My mother recently had surgery in Illinois.  There is a possibility I may need to miss a few days to be with her.

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