What's Happening in Room A201
May 21
Monday, May 21, 2018 9:40 AM

We had a wonderful trip to the Mill City Museum, where we learned a lot about our city's history.  Thanks so much to all of our chaperones for helping!

This week is also busy with special events.  On Tuesday morning we'll have a field day assembly, where we meet our teams and get excited about Friday's event.

On Wednesday morning we'll enjoy a concert by the Upper Campus band.  In the afternoon we'll do our best on the final official test in the computer lab, the interim reading assessment.  Students also write a personal narrative in response to a prompt as part of this assessment, and we've been practicing.  Mints are always appreciated for keeping the mind alert!

The Ordway trip is already around the corner, so if you need to get the permission note and donation in,please do so soon.  Thank you!  Amy Mimick is also collecting our end of year walking trip notes and party donations.

Did you spot the project sheet (due this Thursday) that asks students to create something and name and identify the types of resources used?  A craft project, a game, a sandwich...they all work for this economics activity.

This week's Greek/Latin root is "therm."  Math timings will be on Friday due to field day Friday.  OUr map is of the Grand Canyon area.

Remember the event Wed. night (May 23, 6-7 pm) at Upper.  It's a great chance to get a peek into the Upper Campus and life as a 4thgrader.

Finally, in addition to moving boxes for Ms. Saly, our class needs about 16 shoeboxes or sturdy boxes similar or slightly smaller in size. The various reading groups will have different tasks the last week and some of them will be constructing...



May 15
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 3:35 PM

Dear Families,

Wondering what 4th grade will be like?  Mark your calendar for the following event!

3rd Grade Families - Spring Orientation 
      to Upper Campus, Wednesday, May 23
Please join us Wednesday, May 23 for a special orientation to Lake Harriet Upper Campus! Families of third graders will have the opportunity to hear from the principal, learn more about upper campus academics and student life, and have an opportunity to ask questions. We will also offer tours of the campus so students can take a peek at the fourth grade classrooms. Students will have the opportunities to meet the teachers in August at the open house as usual. Teachers will not be at this event. This night is about introducing students and their families to the upper campus to help the transition this fall. 
6:00 - 6:30 PM - 4th Grade Orientation slide show in the UC cafeteria 
6:30 - 7:00 PM - School tours & visit fourth grade classrooms 
If you are not able to attend, the slide show will be available on the "4th Grade" web page of the school website. The open house will take place as usual in August where students will have an opportunity to visit their classroom and meet their teacher. Questions? Email Rhonda Bonnabeau

In other news, if you can find your child's official blue class shirt, please have them wear it on the Friday Mill City Museum field trip.  Thanks!  Chaperones should meet us at the museum entrance at 11:00, bring a lunch, and wear good walking shoes.  Please dress for the weather.   We plan to go out on the Stone Arch Bridge to see St. Anthony Falls up close.

The students did a beautiful job of comparing 2 books of their choice by Patricia Polacco.  I am currently reading another one of her books to the class.  The students are (properly) outraged at the bullying behaviors of the secondary characters and are hotly debating who could have stolen the state test in the book.  Bully is a great study of character traits and a reminder to everyone of how hurtful it is when cruel comments are spread by word of mouth or social media.

We have started a unit on economics by learning about 4 types of resources:  human resources, capital resources, natural resources and intermediate goods.  Students identified examples of each from the book How A House Is Built and named and categorized resources they'd need to build a treehouse.

Watch for a homework sheet (due in a week) that asks students to create something and name and identify the types of resources used.  A craft project, a game, a sandwich...they all work for this activity.

Greek and Latin roots this week:  vers, vert.

 Lots of people made great progress on their multiplication fact timings last week. I knew you could do it!  We'll fit in the timing Friday before the field trip.

Ask your child to show you the types of division they have learned so far.  (Facts, division with remainders, long division, word problems for any of these). Some classes have homework so be sure to ask.

We have started doing additional research on national parks using our Chromebooks.  By the end of this year you will receive a lovely letter from your child that reveals why we are boning up on places like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite and more.

And finally, a special request:  Ms. Saly is in need of boxes for moving her classroom to another space in the building.  Packing boxes, empty xerox paper boxes, anything about that size.  Thanks so much!


May 8
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 5:35 PM

Thanks for getting the Mill City permission notes back so quickly!  Here are some other dates to note on your calendars:

May 15  Bridge testing, math and reading.  Computer lab.  Send mints.

May 16  3rd grade Arts Night

May 18  Mill City Museum trip, lunches in disposible bags marked with names, wear walking shoes and dress for the weather.

May 23  Reading Benchmark Interim Assessment.  Computer lab and paper /pencil written response to prompt.   Send mints.

 May 25 Field Day

May 30 Ordway field trip


Homework:  Keep practicing those math facts!  Let's have 100% making good progress each week on the Friday timings.  Math time (division with remainders, long division, and multiplication of 3 digit numbers) is SO much easier if you don't need to count to figure out 6x7, 8x6, 7x8 and 7x7.  We can do this!  Students who are done with their facts might want to spend a short time on Dreambox keeping their math skills in many areas sharp.

Greek and Latin roots weekly, this week is frag-.  Weekly map (done in school) is Florida produce. Cursive can be completed at home, we are going through 2 letters a day.  Complete and hand in.

Reading groups are exploring our nation's national parks using the National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A. 

During literacy we are also doing a detailed comparison of two books by Patricia Polacco.  Many students have read 6 or more of her stories!

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