What's Happening in Room A201
Nov. 12
Monday, November 12, 2018 2:25 PM

Thanks for sending your child with boots, hats and mittens for the chilly weather!  Recess has been pretty nippy recently so we are glad to have all the accessories.

Most math groups are working on one and two step word problems involving addition / subtraction of numbers to 1,000.  We are rounding and estimating, as well as learning to explain our thinking about place value.

Our literacy block this week focuses on the three branches of government and what each does.  We tackle the multisyllable words executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch.  Read-alouds include Madam President and I Dissent.   Monday we read about different forms of government.  We are glad we live in a democracy, where we get to vote!

The box project is next week so all students need to have 3 boxes by Monday.   From an October update: 

Students will need 3 boxes of different sizes for a project we do the week of Thanksgiving.  Please start saving boxes you empty in the kitchen, smaller Amazon boxes, shoeboxes, etc.  Nothing larger than a wide shoebox, please.  Sturdy or light weight, able to close or with a lid to close.  Ask your child to give input about which boxes will work.  I have shown them a model of the project we are doing.

Greek /Latin roots have a review list for dict- and spec- words.  

Alternative to Greek/Latin roots:  Super spellers are focusing on long i words (igh, ie, i_e, y) and contrasting them with short i words.   A sheet is sent home each week to be initialed by an adult as students practice.  This week I am sending home 2 sheets so that one can be cut up for sorting. 

Special events this week include Art Adventure on Thursday afternoon, a Native American assembly on Friday, and more science fun Friday afternoon.  We are learning about energy!

Tuesday, November 06, 2018 3:00 PM

November has arrived and today at recess we noticed it is time for heavy coats, hats, and mittens or gloves.  Thanks for helping your child organize his or her winter gear!

We find that it is tricky to do our lessons on the Chromebooks without sound prompts, but we are trying to avoid disturbing classmates who are reading or writing.  For this reason we are asking students to bring in earbuds or small headphones that they could keep in their desk.  We recommend that the earbuds be marked with the student's name and placed in a heavy duty zip-lock bag also marked with their namel.  Thanks!

Remember that we are each collecting 3 boxes of various sizes, but all small enough to fit in your child's locker.  A large shoebox is the largest we can accept. See previous updates for more details.  Boxes are needed for the week of Thanksgiving.

In Literacy Block we started a top secret writing project that will keep us busy on a daily basis until winter break.  This week we'll be writing topic sentences  for five paragraphs.

Some students are practicing words from the dict- list, while others have a spelling list involving nightly practice at home.  (long a sound)

We hope that many students will show a gain on their weekly math facts timing this week.  Thanks for remembering to practic at home!

Your child had a chance to vote at school today.  Ask about the ballot!  In reading we read about how many groups had to fight for the right to vote.  We hope you will exercise your right to vote today!


Monday, October 29, 2018 2:25 PM

Dear Families,

A couple of quick notes:

This week we do not have Greek / Latin root words (not enough days to study) but students are expected to practice sorting  and spelling the long o words into the following categories:  o_e, oa, ow.  They should separate out the short o words (o as in ostrich) and the odd words:  those that fit the spelling pattern but do not have the long o sound.  Example:  love.

Students are all practicing the words this week so they'll know what to do in the future.  Words can be cut out and physically sorted at home.  Students may practice at home with any of the activities on the sheet for a quick quiz at school on Wednesday.

Other weeks I will just send the spelling list with those who demonstrated on a pretest that they should practice the pattern of the week. These students may either take the Greek / Latin word list as well as the spelling list of the week or just focus on spelling that week. 

Ms. Tilleson is allowing students to wear book character costumes (appropriate for school) the day of our Harvest party as a way to celebrate their hard work during the Dragon Dash.

Tomorrow we'll let the students display their tic tac toe space projects museum style.  We are all eager to check out our classmates' work!

Students will need 3 boxes of different sizes for a project we do the week of Thanksgiving.  Please start saving boxes you empty in the kitchen, smaller Amazon boxes, shoeboxes, etc.  Nothing larger than a wide shoebox, please.  I'd appreciate it if the boxes don't come to school until November.



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