What's Happening in Room A201
January 16
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 8:25 PM

Correction:  The biography "wax museum" will be on Friday, Feb. 23 in the afternoon.  The time is still being negotiated.  Our class will feature the museum in our own classroom.

The students worked hard on their Bridge standardized diagnostic assessment this morning.  

No new map sheet this week or next due to short weeks.  However, I handed out 2nd copies for students who had missing work for this quarter.  These need to be in by Jan 24 at the latest.  Work may have been missing due to the no name syndrome, the black hole that exists in some desks, or ????  Check to see whether your child has any map sheets to complete.

We will have a math timing this Friday but not next week (3 day week).  No Greek / Latin roots list either week.  

Thank you for helping your child locate other resources about their historymaker.   It was great to see so many additional books in the classroom today.  Students may take notes from them during literacy block.  Note taking continues until Jan. 24, but we will add some additional tasks as listed on the timeline (see newsletter).  Again, sorry about the mix-up on the wax museum date! 

January 9
Tuesday, January 09, 2018 5:15 PM

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for helping to make the year end festive (with your donations of treats) and the new year exciting (with your offers to help chaperone the Mia trip).

We had a wonderful tour of art from ancient civilizations.  The students were great listeners and observers.  All of the docents with our groups were impressed with how much knowledge the students already had on the topic.  Kudos to the families for exposing your children to so many interesting topics!

In a nutshell:

We are beginning a new math unit on fractions in our homerooms.  

The energy unit ended with a bang (not literally) as we measured the capacity of containers using syringes and graduated cylinders before comparing the mass of unmixed vinegar and baking soda with the mass of the same substances mixed together.  Ask your child about our results!

 The study of historymakers began in earnest this afternoon, after biographies were selected yesterday.  I now have the schedule up for when we will complete each step of the process leading to the "Wax Museum" experience.  Click on the newsletters link on my webpage.

We are taking time off from the Greek/Latin root vocabulary list to fit in some cursive and mid-year assessments.  My class takes the short Bridge test on Tuesday, Jan.16 in the morning.

This week's map gives practice using a grid to locate various cities and physical features on a map.  Ask your child how the "Lousiana" map is coming along.

Thank you for all of the lovely cards and thoughtful gifts.  You are such a supportive community!  I hope my notes of appreciation survived the trip home in the blue folder. 

 Wishing you many warm evenings and days of winter fun,

Dawn Porter

December 12
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 4:50 PM

Dear Families,

In addition to working on our top secret writing project we are going to focus on energy as we count down toward winter break.

 We've moved into a study of light energy and had great fun attempting various challenges with flashlights and mirrors last Friday.   We'll learn that light can be absorbed and reflected by matter and observe that the apparent color of an object is affected by the color of light striking it.

We'll also explore properties of the 3 forms of matter and practice measuring mass and volume.  The balances, graduated cylinders and syringes are always a highlight!

Watch for a field trip note about a trip coming up right after break on Jan. 9.  We'll be visiting the Minneapolis Institue of Art, checking out pieces that get us jazzed up about studying ancient civilizations in February and March. Your child is encouraged to wear the blue Lake Harriet t-shirt for the trip.

Thanks for practicing those math facts!  A large portion of the class was honored this week for making good progress over their last best score.  Other homework:  Greek and Latin -graph words, reading for 20-30 minutes a night and for some classes, math homework.  If your child realizes they have old maps or spelling sheets those should be completed and handed in.

 Stay healthy...We've had a case of strep throat and other ugly bugs are circulating through the third grade. 

Have a great week!

Dawn Porter


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