What's Happening in Room A201
June 4
Monday, June 04, 2018 4:55 PM

Welcome to the LAST week of the school year!

I encourage your child to use a water bottle throughout the day.  Also, please help your child empty the home folder each night so you can glance at your child's work. I am proud of their effort on our persuasive letters!  

We are squeezing in one last Greek and Latin root list and several projects this week.

One reading group is presenting a news report about the adventures of a tiny canoe while another creates mini parade floats depicting favorite scenes from their text.  Two groups are practicing reader's theater style fractured fairy tales to share with our class.  We'll also remember Father's Day (early) and do a group project about goods and services for economics.

Wednesday, June 6

Bring 2 sturdy cloth bags and a backpack for locker clean-out and the start of desk clearing.  Double-bagged paper bags work also.

Wear tennis shoes for kickball.

Final kindergarten buddy session.  Watching the 3rd graders and their buddies interact is a delight!

Thursday, June 7

Wear your t-shirt for end of year fun at Linden Hills Park.  Dress for the weather (sun protection) and wear tennis shoes.

Friday, June 8

Once again, bring 2 sturdy cloth bags for the final desk clearing, art projects, etc.

Wear tennis shoes for kickball.

Report cards backpacked home.  I will miss you!

Have a restful summer! 

Dawn Porter

May 29
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 4:40 PM

Thank you for sending water bottles with your third graders!  The room was so hot today that we worked in the hallway in the afternoon.  The engineers are aware that our air conditining is NOT working.  We took a break to wander the buiding in search of cooler air. 

This week we are spending time testing materials, imagining designs for a membrane that would drip water, constructing our group's best idea and testing the final product.  We'll reflect on how our designs could be improved and build a second model.  Ask your child which materials their group is using.  (Choices were felt, coffee filters, aluminum foil, cheesecloth, sponges, fabric screen...)

We are writing persuasive letters, reading Paddle to the Sea, Surviving the Applewhites, A River Ran Wild, and The Camping Trip That Changed America:  Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir and our National Parks.    Our map this week is the Appalachian Trail and our Greek and Latin roots are cede, ceed, and cess.  When we can fit it in we'll learn more about economics.  Our final math facts timing will be this week.

Our trip to the Ordway is tomorrow.  If at all possible, please send a bag lunch with your child to eat in our room prior to the trip.  If your child needs a school bag lunch, the eating time will be a bit limited as we pick up lunches at 11:00 but board the buses at 11:20.  Your child is encouraged to wear the official blue t-shirt.

May 21
Monday, May 21, 2018 9:40 AM

We had a wonderful trip to the Mill City Museum, where we learned a lot about our city's history.  Thanks so much to all of our chaperones for helping!

This week is also busy with special events.  On Tuesday morning we'll have a field day assembly, where we meet our teams and get excited about Friday's event.

On Wednesday morning we'll enjoy a concert by the Upper Campus band.  In the afternoon we'll do our best on the final official test in the computer lab, the interim reading assessment.  Students also write a personal narrative in response to a prompt as part of this assessment, and we've been practicing.  Mints are always appreciated for keeping the mind alert!

The Ordway trip is already around the corner, so if you need to get the permission note and donation in,please do so soon.  Thank you!  Amy Mimick is also collecting our end of year walking trip notes and party donations.

Did you spot the project sheet (due this Thursday) that asks students to create something and name and identify the types of resources used?  A craft project, a game, a sandwich...they all work for this economics activity.

This week's Greek/Latin root is "therm."  Math timings will be on Friday due to field day Friday.  OUr map is of the Grand Canyon area.

Remember the event Wed. night (May 23, 6-7 pm) at Upper.  It's a great chance to get a peek into the Upper Campus and life as a 4thgrader.

Finally, in addition to moving boxes for Ms. Saly, our class needs about 16 shoeboxes or sturdy boxes similar or slightly smaller in size. The various reading groups will have different tasks the last week and some of them will be constructing...



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