What's Happening in Room A201
March 13
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 5:20 PM

This week is packed with unique activities.  Tomorrow the crayfish will have a buffet of hot dog, salami, carrots, peas and minnows.  Be sure to ask about the results!  We'll observe our thriving bean plants, which appreciate the sunshine they receive in our kindergarten buddy room.  Thursday we'll help our kinder-buddies with a fun St. Patrick's Day activity.  Today we took an interim reading test on the computers  (not as fun, but the stories were ok).   We also have to fit in several earned free times (one for all the stars we are earning...  Did you hear we earned the hallway behavior award?) and two for passing our Read-a-Thon goal!  Wow!  I am still adding up all of the minutes, but the unofficial total is very impressive!

We are becoming strong writers, specializing in opinion essays.  These feature a topic sentence, a reason followed by evidence from the text, a second reason followed by text evidence that supports it, and a closing that restates the opinion.  The students have cranked out several of these in the past week, including one as part of the reading assessment today.  We are making good progress.

i hear rumors of some creative games being constructed out there!  We will continue to look for facts on Chromebooks and library books in class.  Please be sure to record the ISBN number and title / author of sources used.  If you read this in time, send the ISBNs to school with your child on Wednesday, March 14.  Ms Delebo will be showing the students how to use "Easy Bib", which takes a lot of work out of the bibliography writing.  I wish we'd had this when I was a kid!

Please continue to practice the math facts for the weekly timings.  Before we know it we will be starting our final math unit (late April) on multiplication of large numbers, division with remainders, and long division.  This is nearly impossible to do if one is still trying to count to solve the basic multiplication facts.  10 minutes a day, focusing on a few new facts each time.  You can do it!

Review week for Greek and Latin lists on ben- and mal-.  These words are turning up in our reading and in conversations with adults.  The students are excited to find out I am not making these words up.

I can't wait to see the ancient civilization games on Wednesday, March 21.  Please help your child review the requirements well before the last minute, to be sure they haven't misinterpreted the expectations.  Thanks so much! 

March 6
Tuesday, March 06, 2018 3:35 PM

Good evening!

Our bean plants are thriving and we are writing scientific and poetic observations of them.  The roots have been described as cat whiskers, hair-dos on a windy day, and a bird's nest.  We have creative minds!

Our crayfish are due to arrive tomorrow.  Please ask your child to describe them (physical features and behaviors).

We are deep into our respective ancient civilizations, with many resource books in class and short time periods to check sites on the Chromebooks.  The students often end literacy block by sharing cool facts they read that day.  I hope that your games are coming along well at home!  Be sure to check back with the project description  (newsletter section of this website) from time to time to be sure all of your hard work meets the requirements. 

The students are also reading about a variety of well-known inventors and how their inventions have changed with advancements in technology.  We'll reflect on the question:  What is the value of innovation?  Our writing asks students to give their opinion of the most useful invention, including reasons to support their opinion and facts and details from two of the unit selections to explain their point of view.

We began a new math unit today.  Ask your child to tell you the name of their math teacher.  The unit includes reading, writing, representing and comparing numbers to 100,000.  The students also will be asked to solve real world problems using addition and subtraction of larger numbers.  They will be using their understanding of place value to increase and decrease numbers by 10,000, 1,000 and 100.  Another major learning target is using rounding strategies to estimate solutions to problems.

Our amazing readers are bringing in their Read-a-thon calendars as evidence they were bookworms last month.  We expect everyone to hand in their calendar by Friday, but we've love to get them earlier so nobody forgets on the last day, which would disqualify our class from the ice cream party. 

Please continue to read (at reasonable levels) nightly for homework, spend 10 minutes on math facts for the weekly timing, and check the folder for the new Greek and Latin roots list.  We only have 4 days and 3 nights to tackle a difficult list of mal- words.  Some students may have work for their new math class as well.

A final note:  Grocery bags have been sent home for next week's food drive, which again has a different theme each day.  It is ok to send items all at once or a bit at a time.  We had a very successful drive last year and lots of enthusiasm for helping others who are not as fortunate.  Thank you in advance!

Feb. 27
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 3:15 PM

High energy today as we started using the new Chromebooks to research an ancient civilization AND disected owl pellets to discover rodent bones.  Awesome indeed!

On Monday your child should have brought home a neon green flyer with the details for a project they are to complete AT HOME.  If you have not yet heard about this and read the details, please check the backpack (or the newsletter portion of this website).  I highly recommend a trip to the public library as well as parent-supervised research online at sites such as coolkidfacts.com, DKfindout.com, Duckster, Mr.Donn, historyfor kids.net, or others that come up when one googles "kid friendly ancient china" (insert the name of your child's chosen civilization).

We are winding up our unit on Algebra this week.  Fantastic progress on mastering multiplication and division facts for the weekly timing!

Our Greek and Latin roots this week are ben, bene and bon (good).

Lots of reading going on for the Read-a-thon!  We will have a Read-In on Friday afternoon.  A soft item and books to read  may be brought from home for the event.  No activity books, please.  Friday is also Pajama Day for the entire school.  All students are asked to hand in a Read-a-thon calendar at the end of the month long event so we can add up our minutes as a class, prove that we all were reading, and earn an ice cream party.  If we've met our class goal we can also earn 12 stars to cash in for 2 celebrations of our choice (ie extra recess, free time...).

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