What's Happening in Room A201
March 19
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 2:35 PM

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the ancient civilization board games on Thursday!  Please make sure your child includes her or his name on the board.  We have been practicing how to write a simple bibliography in class.  (ABC order by author's last name:  last name, first name.  Title (capitalize important words).  Students should write their bibliography at home and hand it in by next Wednesday.  Directions are due on Monday.

Review list of Greek and Latin words this week (ben-, mal-), spelling of oi, oy and long o words.  

The crayfish are an exciting addition to our classroom.  Thanks for sending small amounts of food for them!

Tomorrow our class will be taking a reading assessment. It is a district assessment that is good practice for the state reading test (MCA).

The algebra math unit is coming along well.  Students received from their math teacher a packet that includes sample problems to show parents what algebra looks like at the third grade level.

On Friday we will attend a presentation by CLIMB Theater.  Ask your child about it after school Friday!

Please be on the lookout for strep.

March 11
Monday, March 11, 2019 5:15 PM

Heads up!  This week's excitement will be the arrival of our crayfish on Wednesday.  We will observe their structures (body parts) and behaviors for the next two weeks.  Starting Friday we will feed the crayfish once every two days.  They eat tiny pieces of hot dog,salami, luncheon meat, carrot peels and peas.  If you would like to send a small amount of one of these items on Friday or next week we will keep it cool until feeding time.  Thanks!

Many of the students are out of glue sticks and erasers or pencils.  We have a lot of work left to do this year, so please check with your child to see if they need anything.  Initials written in black Sharpie help us identify the owners.  


Spelling (/ar/, /or/, /er/ sounds) and Greek and Latin roots (mal-) this week.

Maps done in class feature more practice with latitude and longitude.  We made extra copies of old maps from this quarter that some students were missing.  Those should have gone home in the blue folders.

Math facts practice (multiplication and division)

Reading from a variety of genre.  Reading done for the ancient civilization project counts!  Students may check out books from me but must return them the next day for research others may be doing during one rotation of literacy block.  They are welcome to check out the same book again.

From Ms. Larson:  Students were asked to create (design in a sketch) an invention to solve some problem they've noticed.  These can be wacky or serious.  The sheet was sent home on Thursday of last week and she would like them back tomorrow (Tuesday).  She will also send home a short sheet for students to use to interview family members about the types of music they used to listen to and the format (record player, CD player, etc).  This will be passed out 3/12 and due 3/19.  Both assignments tie in to the "Advancements in Technology" literacy unit.

We hope your child's ancient civilization board game is coming along nicely.  Remember, this is a home project that is due on March 21.  Details were sent home but are also available on the "Newsletters" section of my webpage.  Try to have fun with this!

March 4
Monday, March 04, 2019 8:10 PM

Thank you all for fighting the snow and coming to our wax museum on Friday!  It meant a lot to the students to have an audience to appreciate their hard work.


This is the week to get going on the ancient civilization game!  Remember, this is an activity to do at home.  Directions are posted on the Newsletters section of my webpage.  I have sent home hard copies but can send another if yours has vanished.  We look forward to playing the games starting March 21!


Please send in your Read-a-thon calendar, signed by a parent to confirm the minutes read.  The final deadline is Friday...don't wait until the last minute.  If your child's calendar is missing, contact me and I'll try to locate another.  I'm proud of all of our readers and grateful to their generous parents who kept us in the "top ten" classrooms for fundraising.


Spelling and Greek/Latin roots resume this week.  Our map is again about latitude and longitude.


Coming home Tuesday:  A summary of the objectives of our next math unit (Numbers to 100,000) and a packet that contains sampler problems of the sort your child will encounter on the April 18 state math test (MCA).  We still have an algebra unit to cover before then and will spend a week or so in April reviewing graphing, polygons and measurement, multiplication and division.  Please note the complexity of the word problems.  This packet is for your information only.


In reading students are visiting 4 stations daily.  Ms. Larson has the students reading about famous inventions, I have groups rotating through books on ancient civilization communities, historical communities and immigrant communities in 1900, and students read or research using classroom books for a 3rd station.  Our final station is Lexia.  Friday we'll focus on science and check in with our kindergarten buddies.


Looking for a chance to volunteer?  We still need a Jr. Achievement volunteer for our classroom.  Read the message below:


Research shows how important it is for parents to be actively involved in their child’s

education. You can have an impact by becoming a Junior Achievement volunteer. JA

provides hands-on, interactive activities that help kids connect what they are learning in

the classroom with real world skills. We make it easy for you to help inspire and prepare

young people to succeed in school and beyond.

Parents Needed

Your skills. Their future. Volunteers needed.

Share real world skills with your favorite student.

 Visit jaum.org/programs to learn more about the JA programs that will be offered at your child’s



Lake Harriet Community School

As a volunteer, you will visit the classroom for five

visits ranging from 30-45 minutes a visit. All

materials come with step-by-step instruction to

ensure that your volunteer experience is positive

and rewarding.

Grade 1 -

Grade 2 -

Grade 3

Grade 4

Rice, Perez & Johnson



Bibuka & OHara

For more information, contact:

651-255-0066 or lissa@jaum.org

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