Read-a-Thon Results
Tuesday, March 01, 2011 4:35 AM


Thank you to all who helped with the Read a Thon this year! Thank you Ellen Murphy, Toyo Lang, Kelly and Scott Ellis, Jimmy and Jen Peterson, and Lisa LeGrand. We raised almost $12,000 in two weeks!


The classes that read the most will have a pizza party at school. Times and dates will be arranged with the teachers. LC class winner is: Ms. Jergens, and the UC winner is Ms. Boerboon. Congratulations!


The LC top three readers were: Luke L., Eli S.L., and Alex L..  The UC top three readers were: Elaine S.B., Madeleine H., and Luke J..  All six top readers will receive a gift card to the Wild Rumpus bookstore.


Other readers who read the most per grade will receive gift certificates to Simply Jane, The Linden Tree, Turtle Bread and Sebastian Joe's. Prizes will be given to your teachers right away and T-Shirts will be here in a few weeks. Those readers are K: Sisler: Aidan M. and Sophia C.. Carlson:. Leif L. and Jack D.  Delebo: Adam S. 1st: Lyja-Jones: Summer J. Chun: Lily S. Johnson: Sophia B.P.: Greyson W. 2nd: Cologna: Saunder S. Shuff: Luke L. Mattson/Osland: Brita L. Harrich: Alex L. Jergens: Kieran R. Devens: Eli S.L. 3rd: Porter: Isaac R.D. O'Hara: Noah W. Boerboon: Elaine S.B. Jorde: Luke J. 4th: Nachman: Rachel S. Liepitz: Grace L. Christy: Elena S. Weidenbach: Lars L. 5th: Marchetti: Zoe S. Pier: Aditya K. LeVahn: Claire W. Badenhoff: Nick M.


Thank you to everyone who participated!