Read-a-Thon Olympic Update - Week of Feb 20
Monday, February 20, 2012 3:00 PM

The finish line is in sight!
Our K – 5 students are close to the finish line. Week 4 is underway and those adventures are flying by faster than you can say GIVE ME THE GOLD backwards five times while jumping on one foot and making dinner! What? That doesn’t happen at your house?  
Coaches can mix things up for your Olympian(s). Try having your athlete read a dinner recipe, instructions for setting up your HDTV, read a book out loud to a younger sibling, enjoy the comic section of the Sunday newspaper, or better yet – read about all the school happenings in the Connection (ok, so reading about head lice isn’t that exciting but you get our drift!). The list goes on and on.
Nancy Carlson has donated her autographed illustrations from the Family Night for the participant prize drawings. How cool would that be to have a custom design of hers on the wall at home?
Know what the young frog said to his Mom as she was about to read him a book? “Mom, I already read it, read it, read it!” Is that going on at your house? I’m glad to hear that because we STILL need your used books. Collection will continue until February 23. Books can be dropped off in the teacher lounges at both campuses. The sale will take place during the school day on February 28 and 29.
Books to read for the Read-a-Thon
Are you looking for meaningful books to read for the Read-a-thon? Check out the list of books on the Diversity Committee's website. Click "About our school," then to "Families All Matter Book Program" located under the "Diversity Committee" section.  You will find over 70 titles for lower and upper campus readers. This is a collection of children's books that celebrate many different families, ethnic backgrounds and family structures [submitted by Maree Hampton].
“Joyful Literacy” A Literacy Night for Burroughs and Lake Harriet Community School Families of K-5 Students
Thursday, March 15, 2012; 6:30 – 8:30 [No daycare provided] at Burroughs Community School Auditorium [1601 West 50th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419]. Presented by the Literacy Coaches: Michele Hartnett, (Burroughs); Karen Ruhs (Lake Harriet Upper Campus), and Brenda Schultz (Lake Harriet Lower Campus). Check out the flyer.
That’s all for this week! Get those towels and water bottles ready for the last few laps because they will come in handy next week.


Please contact one of the Olympic Officials for further questions or if you would like to donate prizes!
Kelly Ellis (
Dana Hoffman-Geye (

Find yourself missing the pledge or tally forms? How about the entire packet? Need more flames for the Lower Campus caldron? Coaches can rest easy. These can be found by clicking on the underlined links above.