Project B - Class Presentation

Description:  Create an audio/visual presentation highlighting the background information of one culture and dance presented in class.  Students must discuss their ideas with Mr. Selle before presenting in class.

Tips:  Use Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint.  Your presentation does not have to be long or complicated (5 or 6 slides is plenty).  Include pictures from the country or culture.  Find some You Tube videos or audio files to include.  Include some facts about the country, the culture, or the dance that we're learning in class.  The presentation should only be about 5-10 minutes.

Due Date:   Students may choose to present their Project to the class on the date the dance is initially presented to the class, or they may present the following week.  Special considerations to extend the due date can be made if the student talks to Mr. Selle before the date their Project is due. 

Sign Up Sheet: Please email Mr. Selle to sign up for a dance/country on which to present for Project B.  The list of dances/countires can be found as a PDF file at the bottom of this page.