Project Area Handouts

Updated: Jan. 23, 2017

Videos: 1)  MN History Day: 5 project areas.  2)  Writing Thesis Statements. Below are PDFs planning sheets for each NHD project area, and a copy of the NHD Rule Book. 

  1. Exhibit Boards, Individual or Group
  2. Documentaries, Individual or Group
  3. Websites, Individual or Group
  4. Performances, Individual or Group
  5. Historical Research Paper, Individual only

Exhibit Category: Exhibits are limited to 500 student-composed words, but there is no limit on quotes from other sources. Projects may be no taller than 6 feet, no wider than 40'', and no deeper than 30''.

Documentary Category: Documentaries are limited to 10 minutes in length, must be in DVD format, and all equipment must be student-run. Students do not appear "on camera" in documentaries.

Performance Category: Performances are short "live" plays, no longer than 10 minutes, which are scripted and acted by the students.  Any props, backdrops, and media devices must be set up and run by the students.

Research Paper Category: Research papers are to be no less than 1,500 words and no more than 2,500 words. The paper category is also the only category in which students must work individually!

Website Category: Use the National History Day Website Editor when creating their entry. Websites are limited to 1,200 student-composed words, no more than 100 MB, and no more than four minutes of multimedia (audio/video). If you are having difficulties visit the History Day Website Editor Issues page for help.