From the Principal’s Desk
Monday, December 19, 2011 12:30 PM


Dear Parents:

Winter Break approaches quickly and it seems the year is just flying by. Planning for the additional space at the lower campus is progressing. Architect plans should be completed for presentation to the School Board by the end of February or beginning of March. We have been receiving very good ideas and feedback through our communication links and Construction Site Committee members. Remember to follow the construction hard hat logo on the school web page to link into current information.


I need to remind parents that the new District food policy is coming to us from the Federal level. Part of this policy states that food service spork/napkin packets may only be distributed to students purchasing a school lunch. As you know, public school lunch programs operate through Federal food  program subsidies. This is why there are restrictions about items like spork packets. The other part of the policy has to do with health and safety in food processing. ANY food items brought into school for distribution must come from a commercially processed source, meaning a grocery, bakery, etc. and not produced in a home kitchen


Many middle grades students enjoy honoring the birthday of their friends by bringing baked goods into their lunchtime for distribution. It is a gesture of friendship that is not currently against District policy, provided these items are commercially produced.  However, napkins and forks must be brought in too, and not come from the food services spork supplies.  Administration would also like to request that the students tidy up after the celebration. The tables and floors at the upper campus cafeteria have been left as a big mess following the distribution of the cake or cupcakes. Please remind your middle grades students to be responsible for the celebration they bring into school.


The staff of LHCS wish you all a good break from school and time to enjoy your family.


Mary Rynchek, Jan Parrish and Merry Tilleson