Pop Quiz – Pledge Drive!
Sunday, January 30, 2011 9:55 PM


LHCS families are:

     a)     Awesome

     b)     Generous

     c)     Passionate about the outstanding academic and enrichment activities offered at LHCS

     d)     All of the above, of course!


The LHCS PTA would like to thank all of the families who made donations to the Pledge Drive before the end of the calendar year. Thanks to your generosity and commitment to our school, the PTA has almost reached our goal of raising $39,000 through the Pledge Drive.


In fact, if just four families from every grade made a donation of $200 each, we would exceed our goal. The funds raised by the PTA every year are vital to support the wide range of excellent academic and enrichment activities that we all value. This includes activities like the upcoming Science Fair, the recent Spelling Bee, and Junior Great Books. In addition, funds raised by the PTA help to support staff positions for middle grades strings and teacher emeritus positions that reduce the student-teacher ratios during instruction in the vital areas of reading and math.


It isn’t too late to make a donation to the Pledge Drive and help the PTA reach our goal and continue to provide the high quality educational experience we want for our children.


Donate online by check or credit card by using the link in this sentence or by clicking the green "Donate" button in this article or on the LHCS homepage. 


You can even divide your donation into 3 or 6 monthly installments! You can also donate by mailing your check to LHCS PTA Pledge Drive, 4912 Vincent Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410 or drop it off at either campus in the PTA mailbox.


We welcome any donation in any amount. Thank you again to all the awesome, generous, passionate LHCS families for your time, your talent and your support!


Answer: d) All of the above, of course!