Pledge Drive Emphasizes Participation; Please Donate What You Can
Monday, November 09, 2009 10:10 PM


The PTA Pledge Drive continues its upward progress with 126 LHCS families now having donated a combined total of $24,500 to the Pledge Drive. Thanks to the 12 families who donated more than $3,000 this week alone. With the $25,000-plus raised by Innisbrook, and $3,200 raised during the Scholastic Book Fair, together we have accumulated $52,700 toward our $125,000 budget.  While this is great news, we must continue our steady progress in order to reach the $55,000 Pledge Drive goal. Here’s a breakdown of Pledge Drive donations to date:

  •  $1,500 +                        2 families
  • $1,000-1,499                 2 families
  • $500 – 999                     5 families
  • $250 – 499                   14 families
  • $200 – 249                   40 families
  • $150 – 199                     7 families
  • $100 – 149                   21 families
  • $50 – 99                        21 families
  • $5 –49                          14 families       

As the breakdown illustrates, families participate at many different levels. We are emphasizing participation at any level this year, so if you are one of the 600-plus families who has yet to donate, please consider donating what you can comfortably give. This week, we invite those families who think they can give $100 or more to make a special effort to write a check or go online, and get it done. (Of course, donations of any size are welcome at all times, but we will present a call to action for a different amount level each week.) You can donate at online at the school website or submit a check via the Pledge Drive boxes in either campus office or by mailing it to: Lake Harriet Community School PTA, 4912 Vincent Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55410.

There are many ways your children benefit from these donations. A few examples include the first- and second-grade bookmaking projects and the fifth-grade Theaterworks – all funded by PTA funds. Each grade is assigned thousands of classroom enrichment dollars, resulting in a wide variety of programs that happen throughout the school.

Reminder: The “Stay or Go” program ensures your donation will follow your child if he changes schools next year. Here’s how it works: If you donate to the Pledge Drive by Dec. 31, designate your donation as a “Stay or Go” donation, and later learn your child will attend a different school next year, we’ll send half of your donation to your new school’s PTA in time for the 2010-2011 school year.