The week of October 9-13

This week we'll be looking at the first Minnesotans--Ancient Native Americans. 

Homework for this week:

Tuesday: chapter 2 "Get it Guide" if not finished in class

Wednesday: chapter 2 "Investigation Guide" if not finished in class

Students will be presenting their posters of the Alberta or Scottsbluff cultures on Friday. 

The week of October 2-6

This week we will be exploring the structure of our government. We will be talking about the three branches of government and federal/state/local governments. There will be an assessment on Friday that covers U.S. citizenship as well as government. To study, students will have citizenship notes from a PowerPoint and class notes. 

Monday: What is the purpose of the Constitution? What are the 3 branches of government?

Monday homework, due next Monday the 9th (this gives you time to research by interviewing/talking to relatives, etc.) : Learn your family's story about coming to the United States. Who were the immigrants in your family and where did they originate from? Why did they come to the US? When did they come? Did they arrive by choice or by force? If they came to the United States by choice, what were the push and pull factors for your family members? 

Some families have more information than others, so find out what you can. If you have no information on any immigrants in your family, trace back your lineage as far as you can. Think about your last name. What ethnicity does it suggest you are?

Your writing needs to be at least half a page, but it could certainly be more. You may write about one person or many people.  

The people you write about do not need to be genetically linked to you. For those of us who have families formed through blended families, adoption, etc., you may write about any people you identify as family. 

Tuesday: How does a bill become a law?

Tuesday's homework: continue working on your family story, study for Citizenship/Government assessment

Wednesday: What is federalism? 

Wednesday's homework: continue working on your family story, study for Citizenship/Government assessment

Thursday: Review game for assessment

Thursday's homework: continue working on your family story, study for Citizenship/Government assessment


Friday: Assessment on Citizenship and Government

Friday's homework: continue working on your family story




Sept. 25-29

Monday: Immigration presentations

Tuesday: Immigration presentations if need be. When finished, learn about push factors and the different reasons why US citizenship is granted. 

Homework for Tuesday night: Fill out the Push/Pull Factors worksheet on the immigrant group that you presented on. Use the Becoming Minnesotan webpage and open the the menu in blue on the right side, such as Push & Pull Factors, The Old Country, Coming to America, Immigrant Experiences and The Journey.  You can also use information from your presentation.  Spend about 20 minutes on this. 

Class assignment for Wednesday, Sept. 27th: With your Immigrant Group, combine the Push/Pull factors that you found as your homework.  Be prepared to share with the class on Thursday.  

Thursday: Groups share push/pull factors with class 

Thursday's homework: If not finished in class there is homework. If finished in class, no homework. On the push/pull worksheet, look for similarities in the push category. Write the following symbols next to the push factors:

$ economic reasons







Class assignment for Friday, Sept. 29th:  Open up the Becoming a US Citizen PowerPoint below.  With your worksheet, fill out the information.  Don't lose this as it is your study sheet for the upcoming quiz.  Show Ms. Minahan when you have completed it.  

Homework for Friday night: Finish the worksheet if you didn't finish in class. 

document Becoming a US citizen ppt

Sept. 18-22

This week students will be chosing one community that is new to Minnesota to focus on. They will be preparing a presentation for their classmates. The daily goals are as follow:

Monday: Sign up for a community. Listen to interviews and stories, filling out your Culture Wheel by yourself.

Tuesday: 1st 1/2 of class, continue filling out your individual Culture Wheel. 2nd 1/2 of class, combine Culture Wheels into one larger one. 

Wednesday: Continue combining Culture Wheels into one larger one, look at presentation rubric, decide how the presentation will be divided up, and start creating index cards for what each person will present. 

Thursday: Continue preparing for your presentatin, start presentations

Friday: Finish presentations

****To find your resources: 


URL:, click on Explore, click on Becoming Minnesotan: Recent Immigrants and Refugees

Sept. 11-15

This week in Minnesota History we are looking at people groups that have recently immigrated to Minnesota. We are exploring the reasons why they left their homelands and why they settled in Minnesota.