History Day Parent Information

Updated Jan. 2017

Dear Parents,

What is National History Day (NHD)? 
NHD, a required part of the MPS 7th grade Social Studies curriculum, is a educational program in which students conduct historical research on topics that they choose, related to an annual theme. Using libraries, archives, museums, and interviews, the students will analyze and interpret their findings, draw conclusions about their significance in history, and create final projects to present their work. NHD bolsters reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking & problem solving skills and helps students learn to execute and manage large scale projects.

Taking a Stand in History
This year's National History Day Theme is "Taking a Stand in History

Teacher emeritus extraordinaire, Mr. Warren Kaari will be back again this year mentoring the 7th graders on their projects along with U of MN students who visit LHUC to support students on their research.

Below is an outline of how NHD will run in my 7th grade S.S. class.

  • From Nov. to early Jan. the students will select their topics for NHD, begin their research.
  • From mid Nov. to Winter Vacation, the students will spend a considerable amount of time "outside" of class conducting research. This involves going to the public library or the MN History Center, going to History Day Hullabaloos, reading, and taking notes. 
  • The goal for Jan. 2017 is to continue research and to find primary sources and compose thesis statements. 
  • By late Jan. to late Feb. the students will work on  their actual projects.
  • NHD projects are due on Feb. 28, 2017
  • The LHCS History Day Open House & Awards Ceremony will be Thurs. March 9th, 2017.