Olympic Update – Week of 3/5/12
Monday, March 05, 2012 6:35 AM


Congrats! So close to the Gold now!

Coaches, we hope you are sitting down resting from all the training and the month long reading marathon that our Olympians finished last week. Coaches have done a great job in encouraging reading throughout February and as far as we are concerned, have earned a very shiny gold medal for their efforts. It’s tough to keep up spirits and more importantly, the discipline and endurance, for 29 days!


Have you turned in your forms and money?

March 9 is the LAST day for Olympian(s) to turn in their tally and pledge forms along with money to their classroom teachers. Please place all Read-a-Thon forms and money in an envelope labeled with the Olympians name and classroom information.

We are anxious to see the final results. Will our Olympians meet the monthly goal of 175,000 reading minutes? All indications point to YES and we’ll announce our findings very soon!

The used book sale that we thought would be a small fundraiser proved us wrong. Seriously wrong. We have now dubbed it “The Little Used Book Sale that Could”. The sale raised over $1,100! Olympians had a blast picking out their books and that couldn’t make us any happier. Thank you to our teachers for taking the time to let our children shop.

Volunteers will be dropping of the remaining books to Sharing and Caring Hands (SCH) this week. Mary Jo Copeland, Founder and Director of SCH will determine what books can be used in their on-site classrooms and which they will give away to children in need. We are happy knowing that our boxes of books are being recycled back into so many children's hands here at LHCS and SCH.

We owe a special amount of gratitude to Karen Ruhs and Brenda Schultz, our Literary Coaches, for helping run the sale. The school is very lucky to have two dedicated coaches that see reading as a priority for our children!

Thank you again to everyone that donated books, volunteered your time for the sale, posted flames on the LC caldron, and encouraged our Olympians to “Go for the Gold”!

Find yourself missing the pledge or tally forms? How about the entire packet? Coaches can rest easy. These can be found by clicking on the underlined links above.

Please contact one of the Olympic Officials for further questions.

Amy Mimick (amymimick@yahoo.com)

Kelly Ellis (kelly.ellis@target.com)

Dana Hoffman-Geye (dana.hofmann-geye@thrivent.com)