Dear Parents/Guardians,


All students took the STAR test, which is a collage readiness test the district adopted this year.


This week in math 7/8 we will continue Unit 2: Integers and Rational Numbers. Students will work on multiplying and dividing Integers; order of operation operations and evaluating expressions.


Students will work on the reflection and translation tomorrow in class.


Quiz 3 for this week’s content will be on Friday.



In Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra we will start Unit 1: Solving System of Equations and Inequalities. This is a big unit. It will take 6 weeks to finish.

All the unit materials are updated on the website.


This week we will work on solving equations, absolute value equations, and slope of parallel and perpendicular lines.



I’m available this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am, and everyday at lunch.


Please check the portal, and encourage your child to come and retake if needed.


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail