Dear Parents/Guardians,


This is the last newsletter for this quarter. Time flies.


This week in math 7/8 we will finish Unit 2: Distributive Property, Combine Like Terms, and Properties of Addition and Multiplication. On Wednesday, students will take Quiz 4 (Notes 19-21). This is a five-question quiz. This is the last quiz for this unit.

Students will take the Unit 2 test next Monday.


 Students took Quiz 3, which were six questions taken directly from the notes. The results are posted. I took questions directly from the notes to see which students don’t understand the videos and which students aren’t watching the videos.

Tomorrow I will give the students their quiz back and I will ask them to write a reflection on their grade to help them understand the meaning of their grade and what they should do to improve their quiz grades in the future.

There are many students that made mistakes because they forgot how to multiply or divide fractions and decimals. On my website there were review videos to help them review.




Math is not hard. It just takes a lot of practice and effort. Asking questions and putting in effort is the key to get an A in this course.


Next Tuesday (10/31) is the last day of the quarter. Students must finish any retakes by Monday 10/30.

Quiz 4 will be included in this quarter’s grade, but the Unit 2 test will not include so that students get the opportunity to retake.

On Tuesday (10/31), we will celebrate Independent Learners in class. Independent learners retake any test or quiz that was less than 80% and turn in all their homework.



In Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra we will continue working on Unit 2: Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities. This week we will focus on Solving Systems of Linear Equations. Students will learn how to solve systems by graphing, substituting, and elimination.


Next Tuesday (10/31) is the last day of the quarter. Students must finish any retakes by Monday 10/30.


Next Tuesday (10/31) students will take Quiz LT2.2 solving systems of linear equations.

Quiz LT2.2 (Notes 15-19) will not be included in this quarter’s grade to give my students time to retake.


This week, I am available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 8:00 AM. And I am available during Lunch B.


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail