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Dear Parents/Guardians,



This week in math 7/8 we will continue Unit 2: Distributive Property and Combine Like Terms. Last Friday, students took Quiz 3, which was six questions directly taken from the notes. I will post the results on Tuesday. I took questions directly from the notes to see which students don’t understand the videos and which students aren’t watching the videos. I will allow retakes next week (after MEA break). During the long break they can re-watch the videos, and write down all the questions they have to ask on Monday.



In Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra we will continue Unit 2: Solving System of Equations and Inequalities. This Tuesday will take Quiz LT2.1 solving equations, absolute value equations, and slope of parallel and perpendicular lines.



Independent learner:

I’m trying to teach students the skills of Independent Learners in order for the students to be successful in high school. Please encourage your students to contact me first through e-mail and during appropriate times. We want them to learn how to advocate for themselves.



Characteristics of independent learners include

1   Curiosity – Independent learners want to find out more about the world. They seek out ways to explore. They learn from various angles and formats, not just traditional instruction. They are proactive and find ways to access additional lesson supplements on their own.

2   Self-motivation – Forget bribery. Intrinsic motivation far surpasses any prize or reward system. Independent learners are motivated by setting internal goals to achieve. They are driven by their own personal achievement.

3   Self-examination – Where have you been and where are you going? Independent learners know how to evaluate themselves. They can see their strengths and weaknesses. They strive for measurable progress and often chart their accomplishments and failures.

4   Accountability – Responsibility means knowing what you have to do and doing it without anyone telling you to. The sooner a student becomes responsible for consequences, the less dependent he will be outside sources for discipline or motivation.

5   Critical thinking – Independent learners think critically of a situation. They examine all possibilities and often come up with multiple solutions. They don't just memorize. Rather they ask "why?" and formulate answers based on real-world observation and intelligent deduction.

6   Comprehension with little or no instruction – Independent learners have an uncanny ability to read, visualize, or kinesthetically instruct themselves. No matter the topic or subject studied, an independent learner will find ways to understand material through application (generally trial-and-error).

Persistence – Independent learners don't give up. They strive to understand a concept as much as possible on their own before asking for help. They also apply self-discipline in not finding the easy answer to a problem. They teach themselves and generally only ask question after failure to find a solution on their own.

From:  https://www.aoacademy.com/7-characteristics-of-independent-learners/


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail