October 13
Block 1 Winter Count/Pictograph
Block 1 Pictograph/Winter Count

Today we started creating our Winter Counts.  I started by showing this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDplYRMhrhE and then modeled using my Canoe story (Image will be uploaded for reference).  We will continue to work on our rough drafts tomorrow. 


Ms. Larson’s First Time Canoeing


I went to a village in the rainforest. We took a trip on the river in a canoe with a crack.  We had to use buckets to get the water out of the canoe before

Block 2 Winter Count
Block 2 Winter Count
we went under.  Swimming in the river was a large snake.  The large snake tried to tip our canoe over.  We needed help because the situation was bad.  The land welcomed us and we were happy to be safe.

*Underlined terms are those "depicted" with pictures*


Homework Tonight:

1. Summarize your story into 4-5 sentences - point out only the KEY or IMPORTANT points of the story

Extra Credit (in life):

Use Ms. Larson's Pictograph to tell her Snake story to your parents!

PDF Pictograph Chart   --  This is the Pictograph/Winter Count chart students can use to help them with their drawings.
Native American Symbols

Here are some symbols you can use while creating your Winter Count