Week 6

Monday, October 1

DUE:               25 Professions Flashcards

Song:               ¿Cómo es?

Warm-up:         Querer (e-ie) = to want 

                         Querer + infinitive = to want to do something

Conugate:         quiero, quieres, quiere, queremos, queréis, quieren

Q & A:              ¿Qué (no) quieres hacer esta semana?  -share with partner

Notes/Game:    Go fish with professions

¿Quieres ser taxista?? 

¿Te gustaría ser taxista?

(If you have the card)

            Sí, quiero ser taxista. (pasa la tarjeta)

            Sí, me gustaría ser taxista. (pasa la tarjeta)

(If you do not have the card)

            No, no quiero ser taxista. ¡Pesca!

            No, no me gustaría ser taxista. ¡Pesca!

Game 2:          Once you’ve played “Go Fish”, ask/answer honestly with the professions

                        Separate the flashcards as you alternate asking & answering

Game 3:          Quiz your partner with the flashcard (Span –Engl/Engl-Span)

Homework:  ¿Cómo es?, p. 10

                       DUE:  Tuesday, October 2

Tuesday, October 6

DUE:               ¿Cómo es?, p. 10

Song:               ¿Cómo es?

Group:            ¿Cómo es? p. 10 (las profesiones)- correctin class

Warm-up:        Answer/Provide a reason why (adjective/activity)

                        ¿Qué (no) te gustaría ser, y por qué?  

-Me gustaría ser fotógrafa porque me gusta sacar fotos y trabajar afuera.  También soy artística y talentosa.

                        ¿Qué (no) quieres ser, y por qué?     

-No quiero ser música porque no me gusta ni tocar un instrumento ni cantar.  No soy ni talentosa ni atrevida.

Review:           “Querer” conjugations & Word Order (Q vs. A)

Classwork:     Communicative Activity (Querer + Infinitive)

                        Explain the two activities that they “want to do”; add DETAILS

Wednesday, October 7

ANNOUNCE:   ALL current missing work must be completed by WED. 10/10

Classwork:     Communicative Activity (Querer + Infinitive)

                        Explain the two activities that they “want to do”

                        Include DETAILS

                        Check grammar

                        TURN IN

Game:             Complete as many 9-piece puzzles as you can with your partner

Homework:     Puzzle Reflection (witten)

                       Compare/Contrast the puzzle activity to Spanish class and working with partners.                               Include the good, bad and the ugly.

DUE:  Thursday, October 4

Thursday, October 8


DUE:               Puzzle Reflection- discuss & TURN IN

Song:              ¿Cómo es?

Group:            Correct p. 9, ¿Cómo es?

Handout:       Professions II- read rules

Q & A:             ¿Quieres ser …?  ¿Te gustaría ser…? (only use list #1 on front)

Notes:            Sueños- translate “bubbles”

Homework:    Somos Así 

                       Write in the name of an 8thgrader that agrees with the adjective

                       Look up new adjectives

                       DUE: Friday, October 5