Week 12

Monday, November 13

DUE:               Explain which professions you would (not) like to pursue and why

         3rd Hour:         6 sentences

                        4th Hour:          5 sentences

                        6th Hour:          10 sentences

Warm-up:         ¿Qué haces durante el fin de semana?

Song:               La Canción de Los Pronombres Personales, Las Familias de Los Verbos

Pairs:               Spinner Games- spin the pronoun, spin the infinitive, conjugate in the present tense

                        Be the first to conjugate verb, conjugate & define, write a sentence

Homework:     Conjugarte (both sides)- on one side draw, write the verb on the other

Tuesday, November 14

DUE:               3rd Hour: 6 sentences- professions you would (not) like to pursue and why

Songs:              Pronombres, El Presente, Interrogativas

Classwork:      Interrogatives Questionnaire

                        -Fill in the blank with the correct interrogative word, decode, correct

                        -Interview 1 partner   

          -Write your partner’s answers in the corresponding box


Wednesday, November 15

Songs:              Pronombres, El Presente, Interrogativas, Posesión

Warm-up:         Powerpoint- Use basic Q & A to chat with your new partner

Classwork:      Finish Interrogatives Questionnaire

Practice:           Switch seats with 1 partner from across the table

          Read your interview findings to your new partner (3rd person)

Handout:          Possession (Song & Cheat Sheet)

Notes:              Ser = to be (inherent characteristics)

                        Ser + de = to be from (a place)

                        Ser + de = to be made of (a material, an ingredient)

                        Ser + de = to belong to (someone or something)

Homework:     Write out your 16 interview findings (3rd person)

          Use Possession Handout for help

Ex. 1.  La clase favorita de Ana es español.  OR Su clase favorita es español.

DUE:  Thursday, November 16


Thursday, November 16- Native American Assembly

DUE:                16 Interview Findings

Warm-up:         ¿Qué haces en el invierno? ¿Con quién? ¿Dónde? ¿Cuándo? ¿Por qué? TPS

Pairs:                Share 16 homework sentences, correct any errors

Group:             3rd Person Q & A, share sentences

                        ¿Cuál es la clase favorita de tu amigo?

                        -La clase favorita de Juan es la clase de español.

Games:            VERBO (time permitting)

Friday, November 17

DUE:               Conjugarte

Songs:              Pronombres, Interrogativas

Test:                 Practice Present Tense Test

Game:              VERBO –ar verbs

Homework:     Present Tense Crossword

                        Extra Sentences

         Use Verbs from Crossword Bank to create your own sentence

                        1st Hour:          10 sentences

                        2nd Hour:         8 sentences

                        3rd Hour:         7 sentences

                        4th Hour:          5 sentences

                        6th Hour:          9 sentences

                        DUE:  Monday, November 13