Mrs. Twyman - Read, Write, and Create and 7th grade ELA
Here is a Calendar for the rest of the year.
Spoken Word Choreography due Friday, May 25th

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We Are Working on Spoke Word in 6th and 7th Grade. Students will be performing on June 1st, 6th and 7th in front of their class.

Spoken Word:  

A. Due Friday, May 18th

B. 3 pages long? - one sentence per line you will need to read out loud 1-2min.

C. Start and end by making your topic known -

D. Use an attention getter - ask a question, shock value, laughter, drama

E. Use Poetic Devices to support your point and add interest

  1. At least three metaphors or similes related to your topic
  2. At least three Rhymes - full rhymes - "Cool, School" or partial rhymes - "fight, sigh" related to your topic
  3. At least three repetitions - use repetition to emphasize your main point - include a repeat in the first and last stanza

E. Keep in mind that you will be PERFORMING - so if you can use phrases that lend themselves to hand motions, that will be helpful


About Me:

I am very excited to be starting my twelfth year as a teacher at Lake Harriet Upper! I live in Richfield with my husband Todd, my two kids, Katie (25) and Matt (23) and our beautiful daughter, Marilyn. I grew up right here on 51st and Queen and even attended kindergarten right here at "Fulton School!" I have been teaching Middle School English Language Arts for Minneapolis Public Schools for several years now. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach Read, Write, Create to our 6th graders as well as one section of 7th grade ELA. This promises to be an amazing year for me and my hope it to set the stage for an inspiring year for our students.

Contact Information:

The best way to reach me is via school email. I periodically check Email during the school day, and you can expect a reply from me within 24 hours. I truly welcome an open line of communication with families to ensure the success of all of our students. 

Email Address:

My Daily Class Schedule:

Advisory: 9:40-10:01

Period One: 10:04-10:55 Teach Prep

Period Two: 10:58-11:49 6th grade Read, Write, Create

Period Three: 11:52-12:43 7th grade ELA

Lunch: 12:43-1:13

Period Four: 1:31-2:22

Period Five: 2:25-3:16

Period Six: 3:19-4:10

Grading in my classes:

I grade on a ten point scale. The purpose behind this is to help students focus on their profiency with the given concepts and standards rather than just looking at a grade and average against the rest of the class. Students who receive a 1 or 2, indicating a lack of proficiency with the standard are expected to see me for additional support. Students with an "M" grade are missing the assignment and will have until the end of any given unit to make up the work, however it is highly suggested that students catch up on missing work as quickly as possible to keep on track with the learning trajectory.