Welcome to STEM!


The letters in S.T.E.M stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We are thrilled to offer this project based learning class for the 4th year. STEM education is an effective way to help students meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and technological society. It prepares them for post-secondary education and career success, and as informed citizens.


STEM education emphasizes teamwork and the use of skills and knowledge to solve problems. This course will allow students to work collaboratively, think critically, and problem solve. Students will also learn about, and use, the Engineering Design Process in their STEM notebooks.

For more information on STEM in the district visit: http://stem.mpls.k12.mn.us/



Please check out the class blog for pictutres of projects.

Follow this web address to get started:stem.lakeharrietschool.com


Google Classroom will also be used this year. Stay tuned for updates.