Mrs. Twyman - Read, Write, and Create and 7th grade ELA
Climax Chapter
50 points - 10 for each of these sections
Falling Action/Resolution Chapter
50 points 2 pages @ 10 pts. each and 3 highlights @ 10 pts. each from menu below


Rising Action (Chapters 2,3,4): This was due Feb. 23. It was to be three chapters long with a balance of dialogue, description and action, including some action that involved conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist.
Climax: (Chapter 5): This was due March 2nd. I taught the kids some major components that authors and writers integrate into a climax. I asked the kids to include these:
  1. Protagonist Stands alone: a point where everyone abandons or is removed from the protagonist and they are faced with the reality that they have to confront the conflict head-on, and possibly alone.
  2. Decision: a point where the protagonist, now that they have made the decision to take on the challenge, realizes that there are two ways to proceed to defeat the problem, and either way there is a downside. For example, the Antagonist/Villain is trying to end the world, but the protagonist has realized that the Villain is his father!
  3. Confrontation: when the protagonist and antagonist meet in the climax chapter. It is obvious that this must happen, but the author should be very descriptive about this moment.
  4. Dark Moment: When the author makes the reader think the protagonist is not going to meet their goal. For example, they get trapped, shot...
  5. Finale: The "Boss Fight." The big event when the author describes in vivid detail how the protagonist finally wins the conflict. The turning point in the story.
Falling Action (Chapter 6): Due Monday, March 12th. This is a two-page chapter where things get wrapped up. There is a list of "menu items" for things the kids can include in the falling action. To make it easier, write about:
  1. Next Step - what happens right after the climax
  2. Change: how the protagonist changed after going through such a hard time. He can also include whether the antagonist changed!
  3. Resolution: beyond the main conflict, there are usually other little challenges the protagonist encountered along the way. The last chapter can include a brief explanation of how that conflict was resolved.

If you don't like those options, you can look at the other options shown here. for other choices. In either case, you should highlight the parts of your falling action that include these choices in three different colors

Revision: Due Monday, March 19

  1. Go through the story and make sure it uses a variety of transitional phrases. Control-f allows for a search. Search the word "Then" and change some.
  2. Make sure the story uses a variety of other words, including the word "said". Control -f "said and replace some.
  3. Make sure the story stays in the same verb tense: Control-f (search) "is, was, has, had" and keep it consistent unless it is part of the dialogue.
  4. Paragraph length: make sure the paragraphs aren't too long: start a new paragraph when there is a new TIme, Place, TOpic Person (TIPTOP).
Edit: Due Monday, March 26
Install the add-on "Gradeproof" into Google Doc and utilize to check for common grammar, spelling, spacing, and punctuation errors


 Revise for word choice:

a.          Start a new paragraph: TIme, Place, TOpic, Person speaking

b.         Transitional phrases: control-f >then – change to a unique phrase

c.          Word Variety: control-f>said – other words for said.

2.         Revise for sentence fluency:

a.          Make sure the whole story stays in past tense. Control-f>is- was, has-had, does-did, etc.

b.         Make sure to use conjunctions to create longer sentences: For And But Or Yet So. You need a comma before the conjunction.

3.         Edit the story:

a.          Use Grade-proof add-on (spelling and grammar)

b.         Punctuation: length of sentences, punctuating dialogue.

c.          Check formatting

    i.    – new chapter – “control>enter” for a page break

   ii.   Check margins for consistency


Let me know if you have questions!


Order the Books for binding: March 28. You need to bring $10 to pay for his book!



We are going to print and bind our Novels! Each student will receive a bound, hard-cover copy of the story they have been working on! The cost is $9.95 for your child to receive their book. After we receive the books, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional copies online. If you are going to write a check, please make it out to LHCS PTA. We have already paid for your book, so you need to bring the money in a.s.a.p.





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Climax Chapter

This is the information you need in your climax

Falling Action/Resolution Chapter

50 Points Total

2 pages @ 10 points each

3 highlights from the menu below

Due Monday, March 12 @ 9:20am