Mrs. Twyman - Read, Write, and Create and 7th grade ELA
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SAVE THE DATE: June 1, 6:00 - 8:00 PM, 5th and 6th Grade Service Learning Fair 

Serivce Learning Fair invitation HERE!  

Our Service Learning Fair is THIS Thursday!  I have been continually impressed with all of the great work that our students have been up to!  I can't for the 5th and 6th graders to share all of their hard work and learning.  Please plan to be at school between 5:30 and 6:00, with your board (See the picture at the top of the page for an exemplary example of what tri-fold boards should resemble when they are completed.), for set up on Thursday.  The fair will conclude at 8:00 and you are free to take your tri-fold board home with you at that time.


6th Grade - Read, Write, Create  

Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL!  Enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, May 30 - Library Day TODAY!

Wednesday, May 31 - Presentations during 1st hour only, Field Day in the afternoon! (all other classes will have presentations on Friday)

Thursday, June 1 - prep for SL Fair TONIGHT!

Friday, June 2 - SL presentations, Second Step



7th Grade Language Arts

Please bring Diary of a Young Girl book to return to Mrs. Twyman

Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL!  Enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, May 30 - short strory and discussion, "Eleven" - spelling homework was handed out on Friday - 10 sentences due on Thursday, test on Friday.

Wednesday, May 31 - circle discussion on "Eleven"

Thursday, June 1 - spelling HW due, journal time, shortened class period because of Field Day!

Friday, June 2 - spelling test, Reading Log Book Club discussion and sheet due



Journal Writing (7th Grade)

My 7th grade students are expected to write about 4, single-sided pages in their journal every week.  We will have time for journal writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Language Arts so be sure to have journals in class, but students will likely have to do most of their journal writing at home.   Near the end of each quarter, students will have their journals graded by the amount they wrote.  Don't lose sight of the overall goal for journal writing: to improve your writing skills and to feel more comfortable writing.  

DEAR: Drop Everything And Read! (7th Grade)

My 7th grade students are expected to read 30 minutes every day from a book of their choosing.  Parents will verify this independent reading by signing a reading log.  Find a book that you enjoy reading, and bring it to Language Arts class every day (and bring it home every day).  7th grade classes will have blocks of DEAR time every Wednesday and some Fridays in Language Arts.  


My Daily Class Schedule
Advisory (9:40-10:02): Advisory (6th grade)
1st Hour (10:05-10:57): 6th grade Read, Write, Create
2nd Hour (11:00-11:52): Preparation time
3rd Hour (11:55-12:47): 7th grade Language Arts
Lunch (12:50-1:25)
4th Hour (1:28-2:20): 6th grade Read, Write, Create
5th Hour (2:23-3:15): 6th grade Read, Write, Create
6th Hour (3:18-4:10): 6th grade Read, Write, Create


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