Jane Liepitz - Room 3
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Greetings Families,

I can't believe we have already rounded the corner into fourth quarter!!  We have been BUSY in Room 3.  Right before spring break, we completed our last Grade 4 math unit on Rational numbers (fractions/decimals) and are now learning 5th grade algebra.  This unit will wrap up by the end of April and then we will head into 5th grade rational numbers (which will include multiplying/dividing with fractions/decimals as well as percents).  At the end of May we will work on 5th grade data analysis with an engaging project that stems from the book "If the World Were a Village." In June, students will be designing and making board games that review/reinforce the math (&/or science) skills we studied this year, as a way of celebrating our accomplishments.  It is indeed a busy spring ahead!
In science, we finished up a FOSS unit called Mixtures & Solutions (intro to chemistry) and are finishing up a short Engineering is Elementary (EiE) mini-unit called Recycled Racers this week (in honor of Earth day as well).  After MCA testing next week, we will begin our final core FOSS unit on Water as well as another EiE unit Designing Water Filters.  We may try to squeeze in one more EiE unit, Bubble Bonanza, yet this spring.  
Students will take the MCA Math test on Wednesday 4/19 and Thursday 4/20.  Students perform best when they are well rested, full of great brain-food, and encouraged to "SHINE"!  
Thanks again for being such great partners in your child's education!



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