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WEEK 3 UPDATE: Sept 10-14


Greetings Families,


I can't believe we are already in our 3rd week of school!  I just wanted to give you a quick update on what we've been learning in math & science block.  Last week we worked hard at finding all the factors of a number either using tiles to make rectangles or calculators to check for divisibility.  Students then classified numbers 1-100 into PRIME, COMPOSITE or SQUARE numbers.  Look in their STUDENT PLANNER for Sept 8-9 for their weekly self-reflection.   This week we will hit our multiplication facts hard.  I will also begin differentiated guided math groups using the pretest data I collected last week.  Some students may begin working with our 4/5 resource teacher, Mrs. Zeltinger, with their small group.  Fourth grade standards work up to 9x9 fact fluency but once students master those, I will increase the standard to 12x12 which correlates to 5th grade.  Please help your child by practicing multiplication at home.  Here are a few suggestions:  skip counting, multiplication war with playing cards (remove face cards), flash cards, or online games.  


In science we are still exploring mock rocks to discover that rocks are made of many ingredients (minerals) whereas minerals are pure.  This week we will perform scientific tests on common minerals to classify and practice observing closely.  


Homework completing was 95% last week- thank you! This week, homework will go home Monday and is due Friday (regular routine).  If your child is absent on a Monday, they need to pick up a homework (on my door) when they return.   


Have a Great Week!


Jane Liepitz

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