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South America Countries Game 1  Game 2
Central America and Caribbean Countries Game 1  Game 2











Press Freedom:

Women’s Rights:

Religious Freedom:

Religious Freedom:

Sexual Orientation Laws:


Human Rights Watch Annual Report by Country:
































































Current Event Form (doc)
Current Event Form (pdf)


Map Practice Games


Natural Disaster Project Word
Natural Disaster Project PDF


Some Natural Disaster Project Ideas 2013:

Minnesota Armistice Day Blizzard 1940
Schoolchildren's Blizzard or School Children's Blizzard or Children's Blizzard (Midwestern USA) 1888
Blizzard of 1888 (Eastern USA)

Hinkley Fire

The Locust (grasshopper) Plagues of 1874 and 1875

Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 
Japan Tsunami 2011

Earthquake, Tangshan, China, 1976
Earthquake Haiti 2010

Louisiana Flood, 1927 
Johnstown Flood, 1889

Hurricane Katrina (August 2005)
Hurricane Hugo SE United States, 1989
Galveston Hurricane, 1900 
Hurricane Sandy (November 2012)

Montserrat Volcano
Vesuvius/Pompeii Volcano
Krakatoa Volcano
Irish Potato Famine

The Dust Bowl, Great Plains, 1930’s

1974 Super Tornado Outbreak
2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornado




Country Report 

Country Report (MSWord)

Culture Grams:

CIA World Factbook:

U.S. State Department:

Lonely Planet

World Population Data:

NY Times Topics: