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My name is Peter Thein, and I teach 7th grade Social Studies as well as one section of ELA. I look forward to working with you and your student this school year to achieve greatness! I have been a licensed Social Studies Teacher for the past two years, as well as a paraprofessional  before my licensure working in classrooms with diverse student populations. I hold two bachelor's degrees, one obtained from Minnesota State Univeristy of Moorhead and a second from Saint Cloud State University. I believe strongly in public education, and the importance of an enclusive and equitable learning environment for every student; no exceptions. 

I enjoy visiting historical sites in my community and around the nation, learning as a life-long process, passionatly cheering on my Minnesota Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves and Wild, and taking my cat for walks with my girlfriend, Sierra. Most of all, I cherish and value the opportunity to teach and instruct your student in a subject I condisder of the upmost importance. 


-Peter Thein



Gilded Age Newspaper Project

Students will be completing a Newspaper project revolving around the themes of the Gilded Age. Click "Gilded Age Newspaper Project" above to gain access to student handout and Google Slides. Final project is due Wednesday, June 6th.

Chapter 24: The Rise of Industry

Students will continue learning about the "Rise of Industry" and the effects of urbanization on the growing nation. Click "Chapter 24: The Rise of Industry" above to gain access to the chapter reading notes, vocabulary and a PDF of the text. Students should have the assignment completed by Friday, May 25th. 

Industrialization Webquest

Starting on 5/17, students will begin examining and researching different aspects of the 2nd Industrial Revolution! Click on "Industrialization Webquest" above to gain access to the webquest: scroll down to view the research links. By the end of the webquest assignment, students will be able to:

-“Explain the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the development of the United States.”

-“Describe profit as an incentive for an individual to take the risks associated with creating and producing new goods or starting a business in an existing market; give examples of how the pursuit of profit can lead to undesirable, as well as desirable effects.”

Students will have class time 5/17-5/18 to work on the webquest. Anything not completed in class will become homework and is due Monday, May 21st.


Research Links


The Second Industrial Revolution




Robber Baron

Andrew Carnegie

John D. Rockefeller

The Gilded Age

Vertical/Horizontal Integration 

The Homestead Strike

The Pullman Strike

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act

The Second Industrial Revolution

This week in class students will be learning about the Second Industrial Revolution and how it effects and influences the United States to this day. Upon completing the "Tensions in the West" quiz on Tuesday, May 15th, students will read the article by clicking "The Second Industrial Revolution" title above to prepare and reflect on background information for the Second Industrial Revolution. Students will need to complete the reading and reflection questions before class on 5/16.

Moving West: A Webquest!

Students will be researching and learning about forces that pushed and pulled people into the west following the era of Reconstructions and the American Civil War. Research Links are located below! Students will have two class periods to work on the assignment. The webquest will be due Monday, May 14th. 

The Homestead Act

Manifest Destiny

The Pacific Railway Act

The Transcontinental Railroad

The Morrill Land-Grant Acts

Destruction of the Buffalo

The Sioux Wars

The Dawes Act


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