Who is Mr. Thein?
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My name is Peter Thein, and I teach 7th grade Social Studies as well as one section of ELA. I look forward to working with you and your student this school year to achieve greatness! I have been a licensed Social Studies Teacher for the past two years, as well as a paraprofessional  before my licensure working in classrooms with diverse student populations. I hold two bachelor's degrees, one obtained from Minnesota State Univeristy of Moorhead and a second from Saint Cloud State University. I believe strongly in public education, and the importance of an enclusive and equitable learning environment for every student; no exceptions. 

I enjoy visiting historical sites in my community and around the nation, learning as a life-long process, passionatly cheering on my Minnesota Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves and Wild, and taking my cat for walks with my girlfriend, Sierra. Most of all, I cherish and value the opportunity to teach and instruct your student in a subject I condisder of the upmost importance. 


-Peter Thein



A Dividing Nation- Chapter 20

Students will be introduced to Chapter 20: A Dividing Nation in class on 2/22/18. Students will have time in class to work on Chapter 20 the following day, 2/23. The assignment will be due the following Thursday, March 1st. 

Linconl/Douglas Debate Webquest

Link to a copy of the Lincoln/Douglas  students began working on in class. Due Friday, 2/23/18. 

The World of North and South, Chapter 13

Students will be learning about the differences between the North and South prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War. We will return to working on our History Day projects next Tuesday, February 6th, with our Annotated Bibiliography. 

History Day Resources

A collection of History Day Resources for students to utilize in creating their History Day Projects.

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