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The week of November 12th - 16th
I hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather ;).  All of my students have grammar homework this week.  My 7th grade students also have vocabulary/spelling homework this week.

My 6th grade classes continue their Seedfolks/Community unit this week.  6th graders have their Connection Narrative Prewriting assignment due this Tuesday.  6th graders also have their Seedfolks notes graded this Friday.  6th graders also get their Connection Narrative first draft guidelines this Tuesday; that first draft is due November 20th.  My 7th grade classes continue their WWII unit this week.  7th graders get their AF/BT/Echo Essay prewriting assignment this Tuesday; that prewriting is due November 20th.  7th graders also have their AF/BT/Echo study guide #2 due on November 20th.

Our second Debate Team practice is this Monday, November 12th from 8:30-9:25 in Room 213.  Any student in grades 6, 7, or 8 can still join Debate.  Service Learning meets this Tuesday from 4:15-5:40 in Room 213.  Poetry & Short Stories meets this Thursday from 4:15-5:40 in Room 113; Ms. Eiden will be covering Poetry this week.  There is Knowledge Bowl practice this Thursday from 8:40-9:20.  We have our first Knowledge Bowl meet this Thursday evening at LHCS; anyone can come watch our KB teams compete.

Please check out our classroom Facebook page for examples of student work.  Have a great week everyone!

6th Grade Language Arts this week
Monday:  Monday circle.  Hand out grammar homework.
Tuesday:  Connection Narrative prewriting due.  Journal writing.  Chapter 11 of Seedfolks.  Voice in Seedfolks.  Hand out Connection Narrative first draft guidelines.
Wednesday:  Grammar homework due.  DEAR.  Chapter 12 of Seedfolks.  Setting in Seedfolks.
Thursday:  Journal writing.  Chapter 13 of Seedfolks.  Work on Connection Narrative first drafts.
Friday:  Seedfolks Notes graded.  Word of the Day.  Work on Connection Narrative first drafts.  TED Talk.
** Connection Narrative first draft due Tuesday, November 20th.

7th Grade Language Arts this week
Monday:  Monday circle.  Hand out grammar homework and vocabulary/spelling homework.
Tuesday:  Journal writing.  Individual work day.  Hand out AF/BT/Echo Essay prewriting assignment.
Wednesday:  Grammar homework due.  DEAR.  Partner work day.
Thursday:  Vocabulary/spelling homework due.  Journal writing.  Individual work day.
Friday:  Vocabulary/spelling quiz.  Word of the Day.  DEAR.  TED Talk.
** AF/BT/Echo Essay prewriting assignment due Tuesday, November 20th.
** AF/BT/Echo study guide #2 due Tuesday, November 20th.

Journal Writing
My 6th and 7th grade students are expected to write about 2 pages (back-to-back) in their journal every week.  We will have time for journal writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Language Arts, but students will likely have to do most of their journal writing at home.  Students can write about any subject they choose, and in any genre (poetry and illustrations are encouraged; just write some extra pages to make up the difference).  Near the end of each quarter, students will have their journals graded by the amount they wrote.  Students who write 15 pages (back-to-back) each quarter will receive the full 50 writing points for this project (students should average about 300 words per page, about 4500 words total).  Your journal is private - I will not read it unless given permission first.  Don't lose sight of the overall goal for journal writing: to improve your writing skills and to feel more comfortable writing.  The Quarter #2 Journal is due Tuesday, January 22nd.

DEAR: Drop Everything And Read!
My 6th and 7th grade students are expected to read 20 minutes every day from a book of their choosing.  Parents will verify this independent reading by signing a reading log.  Find a book that you enjoy reading, and bring it to Language Arts class (and bring it home every day).  My 6th and 7th grade classes will have blocks of DEAR time every Wednesday and some Fridays in Language Arts.  The Quarter #2 Reading Log is due Thursday, January 17th.

My Daily Class Schedule
Advisory (9:40-10:01): Advisory (7th grade)
1st Hour (10:04-10:55): 6th grade Language Arts
2nd Hour (10:58-11:49): 7th grade Language Arts
3rd Hour (11:52-12:43): 7th grade Language Arts
Lunch (12:43-1:28)
4th Hour (12:46-1:37): 6th grade Language Arts
5th Hour (2:25-3:16): Preparation time
6th Hour (3:19-4:10): 7th grade Language Arts

About Me
This is my 8th year teaching Language Arts at Lake Harriet Upper and my 15th year teaching overall.  I coach the Knowledge Bowl, Quiz Bowl, and Debate teams at our school; these teams are for grades 6-8.  I lead two after-school groups: Service Learning (Tuesdays) and Poetry & Short Stories (Thursdays); these groups are for grades 6-8.  I am the Professional Development chair at our school, and I serve on the Instructional Leadership and Positive School-Wide Engagement teams.  I have teaching licenses in 5-12 Language Arts, 5-12 Social Studies, and 5-8 Math.  I have a Master of Education degree from the University of Idaho and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota.  I love teaching and look forward to going to work every day.

Poem of the Week

"The Peace of Wild Things"
by Wendell Berry

When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief.  I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light.  For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.