Mr. Lazur

Summer Math Ideas

If you are interested in spending some time this summer reviewing some of your math in anticipation for the 8th grade Algebra class then read on. 

The two most important concepts for 8th grade students to really understand at the start of the year are the key properties of the Linear Function and how to use proportions. We will start the year in 8th grade using these concepts and looking at important applications.

Click on the document link here to see a (lengthy) list of concepts you could review this summer. The items are divided into three categories:

(i) Prior Knowledge you should be very comfortable using
(ii) Key concepts from 7th grade that we use extensively in 8th grade
(iii) Other concepts that you have seen but that we will review and extend next year

There are lots of resources on-line that you might find helpful. Two possible suggestions are the Khan Academy videos and the MathisFun web-site. I have links to both sites on the right. They both have very easy to use search tools. Also, feel free to email me with questions over the summer. I usually check emails at least once a week. 

My Background

Hi, my name is Joe Lazur and I will be teaching the Algebra 8, Intermediate Algebra and Geometry classes again this year. This is my fourth year teaching math at Lake Harriet.

I was an actuary for 22 years before I decided to change careers and teach math. I have a MS in mathematics from the University of Michigan and I received my MN 5-12 math license in July 2013 through the Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative and the University of St. Thomas.  

I live in Linden Hills with my wife and two sons (both of my sons attended Lake Harriet). I enjoy running, downhill skiing, reading and trying to solve puzzles in my free time.  

I am very excited to work with the seventh and eighth grade students again this year.

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions. Here is my contact information:

email:  (preferred approach)

voice-mail:  (612) 692-0039

Please keep in mind that I will not have much time to check voice-mails or respond to emails until after the school day ends.

My Class Schedule

Advisory (9:40 - 10:02): 8th Grade

Period 1 (10:05 - 10:57): Preparation time

Period 2 (11:00 - 11:52): Intermediate Algebra, 8th grade

Period 3 (11:55 - 12:47): Intermediate Algebra, 7th grade

Period 4 (12:50 - 1:42): Geometry, 8th grade

Lunch (1:45 - 2:20)

Period 5 (2:23 - 3:15): Algebra 8, 8th grade

Period 6 (3:18 - 4:10): Intermediate Algebra, 8th grade

Office Hours (room 207)

Mon - Thurs: 4:15 to 5:00pm unless otherwise posted.