MPS Beginning to Make Plans to Handle Increased Enrollment for Zone 3 Public Schools (including LHCS)
Sunday, June 12, 2011 6:35 AM


An "MPS Community Meeting Regarding Increases in Enrollment" was held on June 6, at the Ramsey Fine Arts School. The meeting focus was middle school enrollment increases in Area C/Zone 3 which include changes that may affect LHCS students. As they stated in last week's meeting invitation, the district was asking for participants to brainstorm various possible solutions to overcrowding.

Parents and other participants of the meeting did make suggestions including: increasing class sizes, redrawing boundaries, or reconfiguring schools (including possible changes to which grades are served at each location, creating new middle schools and moving magnet schools).
One proposed solution less disruptive to LHCS students, but likely more expensive, would be to add an addition on to the Lower Campus and move the third grade there. This plan would alleviate current space constraints at both campuses and allow LHCS to continue to serve K-8 at our current and projected population levels.
Beginning the fall of 2013, and from then on, LHCS will have four groups of sixth grade entering middle school. This means that, come fall 2014, we will simply not have enough space. With this knowledge, Principal Rynchek has previously proposed the above-mentioned solution of adding on to the Lower Campus. The proposal includes adding classrooms, eliminating the portables, enlarging the cafeteria, and creating a permanent space for Minneapolis Kids.
With accurate information and focused discussions, LHCS parents can be positive leaders in supporting this plan and helping to develop solutions. If you would like to receive more information and/or find out how to get more involved, please sign up to receive updates at the Lake Harriet School Website . Enter your email address in the right side bar and check the box to receive 'Advocacy News & Urgent Legislative Updates'. (Connection subscribers will be sent a link via email to "update your profile" where you can then select the Advocacy box.)