Minnesota History


Sept. 25-29

Monday: Immigration presentations

Tuesday: Immigration presentations if need be. When finished, learn about push factors and the different reasons why US citizenship is granted. 

Homework for Tuesday night: Fill out the Push/Pull Factors worksheet on the immigrant group that you presented on. Use the Becoming Minnesotan webpage and open the the menu in blue on the right side, such as Push & Pull Factors, The Old Country, Coming to America, Immigrant Experiences and The Journey.  You can also use information from your presentation.  Spend about 20 minutes on this. 

Class assignment for Wednesday, Sept. 27th: With your Immigrant Group, combine the Push/Pull factors that you found as your homework.  Be prepared to share with the class on Thursday.  

Thursday: Groups share push/pull factors with class

Class assignment for Friday, Sept. 29th:  Open up the Becoming a US Citizen PowerPoint below.  With your worksheet, fill out the information.  Don't lose this as it is your study sheet for the upcoming quiz.  Show Ms. Minahan when you have completed it.  Then use this link to take the 100 question Citizenship test.  Keep track of how many you get correct.  Not so easy, is it?

Homework for Friday night: Finish the worksheet and citizen test if you didn't finish in class. 

document Becoming a US citizen ppt



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