Minnesota School of Excellence
Monday, October 10, 2011 9:55 PM


Dear Lake Harriet Community School Family,


We are asking you, members of our school community, to help our school achieve Minnesota School of Excellence validation. All you need to do is complete a self- study.  Staff at both campuses and parents on the LHCS site council have already completed the study. Now, we need your responses in order to move on to the planning part of this program.


The study assesses the strengths of our school in terms of six standards for effective elementary and middle level schools, as determined by the Minnesota Elementary School Principal Association.  It asks you to rate a series of indicators - please feel comfortable with responding NA to any of the questions. 


The study must be filled out by hand, and returned to school by October 14, 2011 – You can pick up a copy in the offices at both campuses, or may download the pdf in the link at the end of this article.


Please be sure to visit the MESPA website for more information.  Please return your responses to the main school office at both campuses or send to school with your child’s teacher.

About the Minnesota School of Excellence validation:


During the 2011-12 school year, LHCS will be undergoing a process of school improvement guided by the Minnesota School of Excellence program.  This is a program that promotes excellence through a rigorous evaluation process that showcases dynamic schools of the 21st century.  To be validated as a Minnesota School of Excellence, LHCS principal, staff, students, and community –working as a team – must go through a process of self-study, then develop and implement a school improvement plan. 


Remember Excellence is a process!



Merry Tilleson, A.P. LHCS