NHD Topics: Minnesota History

Updated: October 7, 2016

NHD 2017 Theme: Taking a Stand in History

#See MNOPEDIA for everything@Minnesota. I highly suggest choosing a MN related topic for NHD. See MNOPEDIA and the links below.

A. Famous Minnesotans

  1. Allan Spear, MN's first openly gay public official
  2. Ann Bancroft, Ralph Plaisted, and Will Steger and Polar Exploration
  3. Earl Bakken: Pace Maker Pioneer and founder of Medtronic
  4. Dr. Ruth Evelyn Boyton: U of M Physician and Researcher
  5. Betty Croocker: America's First Lady of Food *Fictional
  6. Ann Bilansky: Conviction and execution of MN woman accused of poisoning her husband.
  7. C. Walton Lillehei: The Father of Open Heart Surgery
  8. Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.: Aviator and International Superstar
  9. Charles M. Schulz: Cartoonist and Creator of "Peanuts"
  10. Coya Knutson: Groundbreaking Congresswoman
  11. Charles Fremont Dight:  Eugenics in MN
  12. Clara Gardner Mairs was a painter, printmaker, and decorative artist 
  13. Daniel Greysolo Sieur du Lhut 
  14. Eugene McCarthy: Politician, Peace Advocate, and Poet and NPR: Remembering Eugene McCarthy
  15. F. Scott Fitzgerald: Author and 1920s Icon
  16. Frances Densmore: Recording and Preserving Native American Music 
  17. Gratia Alta Countryman: Outstanding Librarian & Community Servant
  18. George Bonga, Ojibwe and African American Fur trader and translator
  19. Harold E. Stassen: "Boy Governor" and Presidential Hopeful
  20. Harriet Bishop: Pioneer, Teacher, and Womens Advocate
  21. Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Crusader
  22. James J. Hill: Railroad Baron
  23. Jane Grey SwisshelmMinnesota Editor, Suffragette and Abolitionist
  24. Jonathan Carver: Map Maker and Explorer
  25. Josiah Snelling: The First Commander of Fort Snelling
  26. Little Crow and the War of 1862
  27. Dr. Martha George Ripley in 1886 established first maternity hospital in MInneapolis
  28. Myrtle Cain: One of the First Women Elected to Minnesota Legislature
  29. Oliver Kelley and the Grange
  30. Polar Exploration: Ralph Plaisted, Will Steger, & Ann Bancroft
  31. Rosalie Wahl: Legal Educator and  Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
  32. Seth Eastman: Pioneer and Painter
  33. Sister Elizabeth Kenny: Leader in Physical Therapy
  34. Walter Mondale: United States Senator and Vice President
  35. Wanda Gág: Illustrator and Author
  36. Warren E. Burger: U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice

B. Events in Minnesota
1500-1800: The Fur Trade & early economic exchanges in MN

1820 : Establishment of Fort Snelling
1855:  Father Louis Hennepin Bridge *First Suspension bridge over Mississippi
1857:  First land grants for RR Construction in MN
1860:  Minnesota Editor, Suffragette and Abolitionist -- Jane Grey Swisshelm
1860:  Execution of Ann Bilansky
1862:  Minnesota Dakota War 
1869:  Mississippi River Reservoir and Dam System

1871:  Duluth Ship Canal Opens 
1873:  Timber Culture Act
1878:  Washburn A Mill Explosion 
1878:  The Goodsell Observatory, Northfield
1880:  Artificial Limb Industry in MN
1881:  Minnesota Women's Suffrage Movement established
1883:  Stone Arch Bridge1890:  Bicycling Craze in Minnesota
1888:  First Electric Streetcars in MN

1890:  Pipestone Indian Training School Baseball Team
1891:  Creation of Itasca State Park --Envornmental topic
1894:  Hinckley Fire

1900:  Charles Bender -Invented the "slider" a curveball w/extra speed!
1902:  3M Company Founded

1910:  Splitrock Lighthouse
1914:  Mayo Clinic Founded
1916:  Mesabi Iron Range Strike
1917:  Twin City Rapid Transit Co. Street Railway Strike

1920:  The Duluth Lynchings
1920:  Eugenics in Minnesota: Charles Fremont Dight
1920:  Prohibition and the Volstead Act
1920:  Gangsters in St. Paul
1922:  Myrtle Cain: One of the First Women Elected to Minnesota Legislature

1931:  Near v. Minnesota
1934:  Minneapolis Trucker’s Strike

1941:  Military Intelligence Service Language School at Fort Snelling
1944:  The Starvation Experiment of Dr. Ancel Keys

1952:  Pacemakers: The Foundation of MN's Medical Industry (Earl Bakken and C.W. Lillehei)
1952   Citizens League Founded

1960:  Rhondo Neighborhood and I-94
            Nuclear Power Plant Development in MN
            American Indian Movement (AIM)  *Founded in Minneapolis

1962:  Mississippi River Oil Spill leading to water pollution control 

1964:  BWCA Wilderness Act

1965:   Delano Grape Strike 
             Voting Rights Act
             Title I

1966:   Sesame Street and Joan Cooney
             Miranda v. Arizona

1968:  Tet Offensive
            Fair Housing Act and HUD         
            Indian Civil Rights Act

1969:   Stonewall Riots  and  Stonewall Uprising
             Tinker Vs. Des Moines  
            Apollo 11: Exploring the Moon
            Vietnam War   and CBS Video

1970:  Minneapolis Teacher's Strike
1973:  The U.S. vs. Reserve Mining and MN Post Article
1975:  Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 
1977:  Willmar 8 Bank Strike  and  MinnPost

1985:  Hormel Strike in Austin, Minnesota