Week 37

Monday, May 28

No School        Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29

*Pass back homework

*MISSING/LATE WORK is DUE by Friday, June 1

DUE:               “Regular Past Participles”

Correct:            Double Check Preterite Test Answers

Games:            3 Juegos de Cadena- food, preterite, preterite with pronoun

Notes:              ¡Pesca! with Present Perfect Tense

Wednesday, May 30- Mixed-up Schedule

Game:              ¡Pesca! with Present Perfect Tense & Direct Object Pronouns

Correct:            Present Perfect Questionnaire with Pronouns

Classwork:      Interview 6 students with questionnaire (5 questions/student)

                        -Include +/- as well as additional detail(s)

                        -Write 2 findings per interview on the back of the sheet

                        Hour 1: 2 sentences/interview (5) = 10 sentences

                        Hour 2: 2 sentences/interview (5) = 10 sentences

                        Hour 3: 3 sentences/interview (3) = 9 sentences

                        Hour 4: 2 sentences/interview (6) = 12 sentences

                        Hour 6: 2 sentences/interview (6) = 12 sentences

                        TURN IN

Thursday, May 31- Field Day

Hours 1, 3, 4: 

Game:              Dados con El Presente Perfecto

Notes:              25-question Survey (column)

                        Write the irregular forms of the participle (Ex. Has visto…)

Writing:           Write the regular forms of the participle (25-question Survey)

Classwork:      Interview students with the 25-question Survey

                        TURN IN

Homework:     Present Perfect 25-question GRID Survey

                        Read/Indicate with a +/- whether you’ve done the activities this week

                        Write 5 of your own questions

                        DUE:  Friday, June 1

Friday, June 1- Young Authors’ Conference (20 absent)

Hours 2 & 6:   See above (same but abbreviated activities)

Classwork:      Present Perfect 25-question GRID Survey

                        -Get an additional detail from 10 people

                        -Circle 5 of the questions with an additional detail

                        -Write out the 5 sentences with detail on the back of the Survey

                        TURN IN

Notes:              Ordering

Homework:     Read Skit description (see attached)

                        DUE:  Tuesday, May 29