Week 36

Monday, May 22

DUE:               Video 3A Worksheet

Song:               Mambo (review with “gustar”)

Notes:              Conjugate “gustar” (& “encantar”)

Classwork:      Fruit Survey (8 students)

Writing:          Venn Diagram on back of Fruit Survey

                        TURN IN

Homework:     Practice Workbook 3A-6 (gusta/n, encanta/n)

                        Venn Diagram (if necessary)

                        DUE:  Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday, May 23

DUE:                Practice Workbook 3A-6

Warm-up:         ¿Qué te gusta(n)?  ¿Qué te encanta(n)?  Share homework

Q & A:              P. 157, #12, ¿Te encantan…?

Classwork:      Communicative Activity 3A-1 (gustar + foods)

                        TURN IN

GROUP:          OUTSIDE for Classwork (work in groups of 2-3)

Read:               P. 156, Exploración

Writing:           P. 157, #11, Un sándwich de…

Review:           P. 160, -er & -ir conjugations

Writing:           P. 160, #16 (full sentence)

                        P. 160, #17 (choose correct verb & conjugate)

                        P. 160, #18 (full sentence)

Homework:     Finish today’s Classwork

                        DUE:  Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday, May 24

DUE:                        Tuesday’s Classwork

Song:                        ¿Qué comes?

Q & A:                      ¿Qué te gusta comer/beber en el desayuno/el almuerzo?

                 ¿Qué te gusta comer/beber en el desayuno/el almuerzo?

Review:                  P. 156, Exploración (de + ingredients)

Q & A:                    ¿Qué tipo de sandwich preparas tú?

                             -Yo prepare un sandwich de…  (share Homework, P. 157 #11)

                             -¡Qué asco!  ¡Qué delisioso/a(s)!

Listening:              Audio 3A # 5 & #9

Notes:                   ¿Qué deseas comer?  -Yo deseo comer…

                              Una pizza para compartir (para + infinitive + “in order to”)

Homework:          Core Practice 3A-3

                             DUE:  Thursday, May 25 

Thursday, May 25

DUE:               Core Practice 3A-3

Warm-up:         ¿Con qué frecuencia bebes limonada?

                        -Yo bebo limonada…

                        muchas veces (how often?)

                        en el verano (when?)

                        con mis amigos (with whom?)

                        en el parque (where?)

                        porque me encanta (why?)

                        *try to explain 5 Ws with two different drinks (see ex. above)

Q & A:             Use Homework “Core 3A-3” to formulate new questions

                        (substitute foods/drinks to alter question)

Listening:         P. 155 #8 (food + prepositions)

Partners:           Expain where food is located/Partner identifies the food you describe

Friday, May 26

Song:                ¿Qué comes?

Define:             comer, beber, leer, aprender, comprender, escribir, subir, abrir, vivir

Game:              VERBO (-er/-ir)

                        *Say verb & define      *Use subject with verb to create a short sentence

Classwork:      Conjugarte with regular –er & -ir verbs

Homework:     Finish both sides of Conjugarte

                        DUE:  Wednesday, May 31