Last newsletter in quarter 2


This is the last newsletter for this quarter. The last day of the quarter is this coming Wednesday, January 24. I will accept any missing assignments or retakes up until Wednesday at 5pm.

Math 7/8

We started Unit 4, Data and Probability, on Wednesday the 17th. The quarter grade is up to date. Everything in Unit 4 will be part of the third quarter grades. Students who are not happy with their grade can still turn in any missing assignments, or take retakes up until Wednesday.

In Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra

Tomorrow we will review unit 5: Transformations.

Monday: Unit 5 test, classwork packet is due

Wednesday: The project is due and Unit 3 and 5 notes packet is due

These will all be included in this quarter’s grade.


MCA practice sessions for All 7th grade students


Students will take the 7th grade MCA. I am offering sessions to help students review the 7th grade standards. Math, like any sport, needs practice.

The school will offer an MCA review workbook for each student that attends the program.

Students will be working in the workbook during these 9 review sessions.

Every student should attend one session per week. (9 sessions total)

They must come once every week.

Either Wednesdays before school from 8:20 – 9:20 A.M. or Thursdays after school from 4:15- 5:20 P.M.

Wednesdays: 02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21, 03/28, 04/11, and 04/18.

Thursdays:  02/15, 02/22, 03/01, 03/08, 03/15, 03/22, 03/29, 04/12, and 04/18.

Transportation will not be provided. I am asking for your support to make this program successful.

If for any reason a student can’t come to the days stated above, she/he should attend lunch B to cover the same things that will be covered in the sessions. They will be on Monday and Tuesday. (Note: If you choose this option, you have to go both Monday and Tuesday because of how short the lunch period is.)

7th grade standard for MCA:[]=7&strand[]=M1&strand[]=M2&strand[]=M3&strand[]=M4&keys=


Volunteer opportunity:

Math 7/8 classes

I am looking for classroom volunteers to help empower students in the class. Please consider signing up for a weekly or bi-weekly time slot.  All volunteers must have a volunteer form on file with the school.  Please contact Rhonda Bonnabeau at if you are unsure whether you have completed a volunteer form.

Sign up:

Flu Session:

This year the spread of the flu has become a great concern. I try to wipe students’ desk every other day to eliminate the spread. Donations of Clorox Wipes would be appreciated.


This week, I am available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning from 8:00 AM, and after school until 5:30P.M. I am also available during Lunch B.