Math 7

7th Grade Math

Sept. 25-29

This week in math we are finishing our examinatin of the following question:

-What strategies can be used to find the volume and surface area of a cylinder? 

This week's homework (This is the date assigned. All homework is due the following day unless othewise noted): 

Monday, Sept. 25: Use the homework template for the following questions: 1) 104x16  2) 50x46   3) 455+212    4) 610-99.   The point of this assignment is simply for students to use the template correctly so that they know without a doubt what the homework should look like. The template has 4 parts: 1) the problem number is circled, 2) the answer has a box around it, 3) each problem is separated by lines, 4) all work is shown within the problem's lines. The problems on this asssignment are not what we are studying in class. 

Tuesday, Sept. 26: F&W p. 40 #14

Wednesday, Sept. 27: F&W p. 41 #17. Also, finish the poster and letter if not finished in class. 

Thursday, Sept. 28: none

The unit assessment on 2-D and 3-D geometry will be on Thursday. Formula sheets may be used. 

Friday, Sept. 29: none

There will NOT be a quiz on Friday.