Math 7

7th Grade Math

Online book for reviewing prior skills:

Looking for ways to review or practice at home? The below videos are content that we are currently studying in Unit 4. Check out these links:

Quiz 16:

How do you find the mean of a data set?

How do you find the median of a data set?

How do you find the mode of a data set?

How do you find the mode of a data set when their is more than one mode?

How do you find the mode of a data set where all the numbers are different?

Quiz 17:

What's a scatter plot?

How do you interpret a circle graph?

What is a double bar graph?

What is a frequency table?

How do you make a frequency table?

April 9-13

Students will be required to take notes on a daily basis. If a student misses class, they will need to look at the notes of a classmate in order to catch up. 

The topics covered this week will be determining the best types of graphs to display data, using data to make decisions, understanding that mean is just levelled out data, and using a frequency table/graph.  

Students will be expected to do two questions from their MCA review packet every night as homework (many students have already completed this in advance, which is fine). The actual MCA will take place on April 23rd and 24th. 

Quiz 17 will NOT occur on Friday due to upcoming MCA testing. We'll be reviewing for the MCA instead.

Optional practice/resources:

What type of graph should be used worksheet accompanies this resource

How many people?

Analyze graphs

Types of graphs