Room 203 Map/Postcard Project

One of the things we do in second grade is to look at the map and learn about directions, map keys, and important places.

One way to learn about maps is to receive postcards from different places. This helps reinforce reading, geography, and map skills.

If your family travels during the school year, we would like you to send the class a postcard showing where you were. If you have family and friends that live outside of the metro area, please have them send us a postcard and tell the students something interesting about their town, city, or state. it will be fun to see the pictures and read about places around the United States and other countries!

Family and friends can send postcards to the following address: 

Tamra Jurgens - Room 203
(Student's Name)
Lake Harriet Lower Campus
4030 Chowen Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55410

Thanks for helping us learn about geography and using map skills.