Magazine Project Information & Handouts

Ms. Krawetz, ELA/SS 

1) Article #1: For your magazine, you will select one person and one"decade" for your "main article." You will write a paper copy of draft #1; draft #2 will be typed on Google Docs.

2)  Article #2 & #3 do not need to be on the same topic as Article #1, but all three articles need to take place in the same DECADE.  

For each article follow the "hamburger paragraph" method: Engaging Topic Sentence + Middle/Supporting Sentences + Strong Closing Sentence. 

Example: Note that all (3) articles below are set in the 1960s: 

  • Article #1: Main Article: The Beatles appear on TV on Ed Sullivan, 1964. 

  • Article #2: Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech" in 1968.  

  • Article #3: Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 1969. 

  • Find 3 ads from this decade to place in your magazine. -See below.

Topics & Ads by Decade

  1. Vintage Ad Browser
  2. U.S. History By Decade -- 1900-2000
  3. History: Ancient History, World History and U.S. History by Period
  4. History for Kids
  5. A Timeline of the 20-Century: Decade by Decade
  6. Best Athletes of 20-Century
  7. Best Motives of 20-Century
  8. Best Inventions of 20-Century
  9. 25 Movements that Changed America
  10. Time Magazine Covers
  11. The Pop History Dig *Then go to "Archive" then to the "Decade" you need to research!
  12. Pop Culture Timeline
  13. TV Shows by Decade, from 1967 on.......
  14. Broadway Shows by Decade
  15. Board Games of 20-Century


  • First, you will research your topic using books and websites and take notes. *See links above for ideas
  • Next, you will write your first draft on paper. (This will be provided.)
  • The final draft will be typed on Google Docs in a size 12-14 font.
  • You need to rephrase ALL information from books & website into your "own" words to avoid plagiarism. (The practice of taking someone's work/ideas and passing them off as your own is known as "plagiarism.")

Topics: Science, medicine, technology, engineering or architecture, politics, social movements, books, comics, music, movies, animation, fashion, sports, games/toys, or any aspect of “popular culture” you’d like to explore!