Topic Idea Resources

Click here for a copy of: Magazine Project Worksheet #1, Due Fri. Feb. 1, 2019
-Please return the permission slip signed by a parent by 11-10. The second page exploring 3 possible people in history will be completed in the computer lab on Thurs. and Fri. 11/9 & 11/10.

Click on these biography websites to search for interesting people in history:

1.  MPS Library Search    -You need to log into your MPS account for this.     

2.  Famous People List  -Look up famous people in history.

3.  Biography  -A great list of people in history.        

4.  Biographies for Kids  -A great list of bios written for kids! 

5.  Wikipedia Home Page  -An excelllent place to start with your research. *At the end of the Wikipedia article you'll find even more resources for your research.


People in History by Decade: *If you are interested in someone who is not on this list, LMK and I'll add a link. :-)

1400:  Joan of Arc

1780-1790: Alexander Hamilton  and Alexander Hamilton's Legacy, Politico

1787-1820: James Madison, President and author of the U.S. Constitution -Video

1800:  Sacajawea

1804-1806: Expedition of Lewis and Clark and National Archives

1859: Charles Darwin Publishes Origin of Species -- Naturalist and Evolutionist

1873: Susan B.Anthony's Arrest for Voting & Trial    Video of Susan. B. Anthony's Trial video  

1880: Nellie Bly: Daredevil & Stunt Reporter  CBS Video

1890: Mother Jones Child Labor Activist and Mother Jones

1900: Andrew Carnegie: Steel Empire Builder and Philantropist

1900:   Harry Houdini (Harry Weiss)   Harry Houdini -- Magician

1908-1912: Lewis Hine, Child Labor Documentary Photographer

1916: President Theodore Roosevelt & National Parks System  NPS History   and PBS Videos

1928: Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillan

1930-1940s: Albert Einstein  or Albert Einstein Nobel Prize Site    

1930-1950: Walt Disney  and Bio and Video

1930s: Amelia Earhart PBS and Meet Amazing Americans

1930s: Dorothea Lange, Dust Bowl Era Photographer

1936:    Jess Owens bio  Video: Jesse Owens & 1936 Olympics and Jesse Owens: The History Channel

1940:  Anne Frank   

1940  Dr. Suess -- Theodor Suess Giesel

1939: Marian Anderson, First Lady Eleanbor Roosevelt & DAR Clip: Marian @Linclon Memorial

1940-1970s:  Hubert Humphrey  -See HHH Bio  *Vice President, Senator, Mayor and Academic 

1941-1945: Tuskegee Airman African American Pilots in WWII

1947: Jackie Robinson: First African American to play MLB 

1950:  Smokey the Bear & History of Forest Fire Prevention  CBS Video

1950s:  Cultural Anthropolosist, Margaret Mead: Exploring Human Development

1950s: Edward R. Murrow and Freedom of the Press   Video

1952: Jonas Salk and the development of the Polio Vaccine  and Jonas Salk

1955: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott  and WSJ Article: Rosa Parks and Rosa Parks Video

1956 and 1960: Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Gold Medalist and Civil Rights Pioneer

1960: President John F. Kennedy and the Space Race, NASA  and John F. Kennedy and the Space Race..

1960: Ruby Bridges, Video, PBS  

1960s: Jane Goodall , Primatologist and PBS

1960s: Carl Sagan, Astronomer

1962: Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring is published

1965: President Lyndon Johnson and the Voting Rights Act

1967: Thurgood Marshal appointed to U.S. Suprement Court by President Lyndon Johnson.

1969: Neil Armstrong, First Man to Land on the Moon and Apollo 11: Exploring the Moon

1969: Sesame Street and Joan Cooney

1970-1972: President Richard Nixon and The Watergate Scandal

1970-1980s:  Billie Jean King, Tennis Player

1972:   Title IX history Title IX Sponsored by Birch Bayh (Senator) & Edith Green (House of Rep.)

1994: Nelson Mandela Elected South Africa's First Black President and Nelson Mandela Foundation