LHCS School Start and End Times
Monday, September 06, 2010 8:55 PM


There has been some confusion regarding when the school day starts and ends for both campuses. To clarify, the Lower Campus school day is 9:40am to 3:55pm.  9:40am is the tardy bell, so students should be in the room by 9:35am. School lets out at 3:55pm.  It takes at least ten minutes to get the kids dressed and out to the bus. The buses leave the Lower Campus at 4:05pm. Kindergarten AM is 9:40am to 12:30pm and Kindergarten PM is 1:00pm to 3:55pm.


The Upper Campus school day is from 9:40am to 4:05pm. Students walking into the building at 9:40 will not have time to go to their lockers and get into class without being late. 9:40 is the tardy bell.  Students should arrive between 9:25am and 9:30am. Students who want to eat a school breakfast may enter at 9:20 and go directly to the cafeteria. School lets out at 4:05 and the students go to buses at 4:10. Buses leave the Upper Campus at 4:15pm.